Sunday, April 15, 2018

Baptism by FIRE!

+++ Contact Initiated with the Traitors. Taking heavy fire. Send Reinforcements!
+++ Tranmission Ends. Squad Unresponsive.
Yesterday I got to play some of my first games of 30k, and what better way to ease into a new game than to toss my troops into the fiery crucible that is Zone Mortalis? My legion dove screaming into the warren of tunnels to sanctify their loyalty to the Emperor of Mankind with their rapid deaths. We used a fan-made adaption of the Heresy Era armies for 8th edition Warhammer 40,000, and the loyal forces of the Imperial Fists and Iron Hands squared off against the traitor scum of the Iron Warriors and the Emperor's Children!

My buddy Marky generously brought out his 4'x6' Zone Mortalis boards for us to battle over the
whole day. 
We played two different missions and my Marines died horribly in both of them. The first game I squared off against the Leviathan Warriors, oops I mean IRON Warriors. The two massive dreadnoughts wiped most of my units off the table in single rounds of shooting and I wept and gnashed my teeth at the indignity of it all. Much salt was thrown about. Thankfully, I did manage to finally kill one of the beasts in melee with my heroic Sword Brethren, moments before they too were wiped out. I considered it a moral victory of sorts.

My troops look so nice and ready to deal out death and destruction. This was a pipe-dream unfortunately.
Who needs and army when two of these things can just wipe your opponents off the map?

Here I am marking my Contemptor with a damage die rather than just removing him like I would have
to anyway when he was annihilated. 

Our second game saw me tangling with the more cultured gentlemen of the Emperor's Children - this went slightly better as I got to shoot and fight somewhat more in this game. In the end, we lost the second game but it was much, much closer than the previous game. 

"Everyone can fit, Brothers! You! On the left! Snuggle in there trooper! In the next 10,000 years you'll look back at this as one of the least awkward things you've done!"
After being wiped out earlier in the game, my Sword Brethren rushed back onto the board and acquitted themselves much better the second time around.
We managed to hold the primary objective for most of the game with the aid of our Iron Hands brothers. It still wasn't enough.
The brave troops of the Iron Hands pour through the doorway. This area would become choked with the dead when the Iron Warriors advanced a Leviathan into the hall. 

It was a lot of fun, but I am looking to see how the game plays on a more open battlefield with less crazy rules. Zone Mortalis has given me some motivation to get the last of my Breachers done this week, though. They definitely would have come in handy the battle zone.


Sunday, April 8, 2018

A Little Progress

Not too much to share this week. I've lost a little momentum on projects and I'm trying to build it back up. I'm so close to having 3,000 points of Imperial Fists finished, but the last few models are feeling like a slog. First up is a unit of Breachers, which I've managed to get five to point where I can base them.

So close to being done. I can't wait to get these guys off my painting desk.
I was super jazzed when I ordered these from a seller on Ebay, but they ended up being re-casts. And shitty ones at that. The quality has really taken the wind out of my sails, but I've only got to finish five more and I'm done. I hate the idea of buying re-casts, and for the price I paid I could have just ordered from Forge World. I know we all don't think this hurts a big company like Games Workshop, but it really is a slap in the face to hard working sculptors, mould makers and artists that bring these things to life. I'm chalking this up to live-and-learn but I'm gonna paint the unit anyway.

Like a mellon-head, I primed the whole unit black. I probably should
have primed it the same way I did the previous unit.
I also managed to get the test model done for my second unit of Arkanauts for my Kharadron Overlords. I'm reversing the color scheme from the first unit, but still maintaining the black and white theme. I'm pretty happy with how this cat turned out and I'm looking forward to getting the rest of the unit done.

The left hand guy is from unit one, and the second is going to be the new scheme.

Welp, I've got more Breachers in my future and some sky dorfs as well. Next weekend I'm supposed to play my first Horus Heresy game, and I'm super excited. I'll try to take lots of photos.


Sunday, April 1, 2018

Bearded Weirdos Week

It seems like the theme of my blog this week is dudes with beards. Weird. Not the weirdest thing I've ever seen, but not expected. First on deck is my general for the Kharadon Overlord force that is slowly growing on my painting table. This guy is called Brock Manchowder or some such thing - I've forgotten the real name and can't be bothered to use the internet at the moment. He came in a bazillion pieces, but was a lot of fun to paint!

I really dig this wacky cat. I'm not entirely sold on the chainsword,
as that gets a little to 40k for me, but the rest is a lot of fun. 

I painted him in a bunch of subassemblies for ease. I'm not sure
it made much difference, though. I did use him as an excuse to design
and print out some transfers for the runes on his sword and

I also made sure to ditch the clear plastic stand and replace
it with some heavy gauge wire because hahahaha, you've fooled me
in the past flying stands and I'm not up for THAT kind of bullshit
anymore! Seriously, when someone designs a flying stand for
infantry that doesn't break off, call me.

I also finished up the first unit of Arab spearmen for a new Crusades era army I'm building for Lion Rampant or Crescent and Cross or some other system played in dimly halls that smell of cigars, shattered dreams and pine oil.  These guys were built using Gripping Beast's new plastic set and I'm a little on the fence on this one. Since the poses are supposed to work for archers or spearmen, the poses feel a little wonky to me. Still, the shear amount of guys you get in a box makes it worthwhile I'd venture.

I still need to add some insignia or flair to their shields, but for now they are ready to rock and or roll. 
Finally, a new game popped into my lap at the end of the week called SMOG: The Rise of Moloch by Cool Mini or Not. A friend had backed the Kickstarter and just didn't have the time to paint the set and I had a keen interest in scooping it up. I was a huge fan of the SMOG models when SmartMax introduced them - but being in a much larger scale (75mm if I recall) and being pretty pricey to get my hands on in the States, I had to give them a pass. CMoN has done a really great job of translating the original sculpts to board game pieces, and its a really nice way to get some of a SMOG fix without trying to hunt down the (sadly) out of production original models. 

"Major Disaster, at your service!" The whole SMOG line has a wonderful
wacky Victorian London feel and I'm super jazzed about painting the set up.
Obviously, the detail is less crisp than a metal or resin casting, but I'm
really surprised at how nice these are. 
"What, what; Old Bean?! Steady on!"

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sword Brethren and Command Units

"Fire and Faith are our tools to crush those who defy The Emporer's Will!"
Over the course of the week, I added five more Sword Brethren to bring the whole unit to ten models. I also found the time to add a Chaplain Consul who I'm hoping will make these cats a nightmare combat unit. I've got a Zone Mortalis game coming up in April and I expect big things from this unit. Which means they will probably fail abysmally - haha!

In a bid to keep as much as possible of this army plastic, I made the Chaplain
Consul out of a plastic MKIII Marine, the arms and weapons of the Chaplain from
Deathwatch Overkill, and a head from a Primaris Reiver. He's got a nice Immortan
Joe vibe, and I'm looking forward to muttering "Mediocre" whenever the unit fails.

I also made some time to build a new Praetor for my Legion. I used some resin chest and shoulder pieces and the rest was plastic. I also added two more Chosen to the Command Squad. So this unit will be rolling around the battlefield with six Power Fists. Pretty scary.

We put the "fist" in Imperial Fists.
This guy feels a little more imposing than my previous Praetor. 
I used a cloak from the Sisters of Silence sprue to give him a nice half-cloak.

I'm so close to finishing this army up, I can taste it. I've got a unit of Breachers, another Vindicator and an Apothecary to paint up and the army will total to 3k points.


Sunday, March 18, 2018

Kharadron Arkanaut Step-by-Step

My first unit for my Kharadron Overlords is finished! A stalwart company of Arkanauts is ready to join the hunt for Ur-Gold or whatever it is they do besides look cool as shit. I dunno. I was able to take some time to take photos for a step-by-step of how I painted this unit.

"Sailing! Sailing! Over the bounty sky!"

After assembly, the model was primed with a white spray. Once that
was dry, I then sprayed it with Testor's Model Masters' Africa Corps  Mustard.
The color is a dead ringer for GW Zamesi Desert and that can be used to
touch-up anywhere the spray missed.
Next, the model was heavily drybrushed with GW Ushabti Bone.,
paying particular attention to the areas of the suit cloth.
The suit was then highlighted with Ushabti Bone applied as thin lines
and then final highlights were added with a 50/50 mix of GW
Ushabti Bone and Vallejo Skull White.
The armored parts of the suit were then painted with P3 Coal Black.
At the same time, belts and straps were painted with Vallejo Scorched Earth
and GW Leadbelcher was used to base coat parts of his weapons and
tools. The base was coated in P3 Greatcoat Grey.
Once dry, all the previous areas that aren't under suit were shaded
with Army Painter Dark Tone Ink. Shading everything all at once is
more efficient when you are batch painting models. 
All the gold areas were then coated with GW Retributor Armor.
Highlights were added to the straps with Vallejo Dark Flesh.
His rag was painted Vallejo Squid Pink and the base was finished
by drybrushing GW Administratum Grey followed by a light
drybrush of GW Ushabti Bone. The rim was then painted
Vallejo Black.
GW Reikland Flesh Shade was applied all over the gold and pink
areas pretty liberally.
Now it's time to highlight the metals! Gold areas got a highlight of
GW Auric Gold and then GW Runefang Steel was used to highlight the silver
metals and as a final highlight of some areas of the face - like the nose, brow,
and mustaches.
A wash of GW Druchii Violet was applied over the sash and in the
sockets of the eyes.
Eyes and lenses were finished with Vallejo Foul Green and a dot
of 30/70 Foul Green and White mixed. 

And there ya go! I generally did one or two of these guys a night, so the unit came together in about a week. These guys were a ton of fun to paint - and I'm glad they were seeing as I need at least 10 more in the army. Before I tackle a second unit of Arkanauts, I'm going to treat myself to some of the ballon guys first.


Monday, March 12, 2018

Weekend of the Weird

Last week, a coworker of mine named Jay picked up a crazy cool looking toy by a local designer (motleymiscreations) at Emerald City Comicon and brought it into the office. Somehow it came up that I should paint it, and I jumped at the chance. I don't do too many toy repaints, but this one just screamed for a lick of paint. 

Robo-rabbit-pig-undead Action Monster Go!
This thing has such a 70's alt comic vibe and was a ton of fun to  paint.
Love the exposed spinal column on this thing.
What's really cool about this model is that the arms and head are held in place with strong
magnets. I hope the artist makes some alternate heads or arms for a whacky line.
This thing was a crazy amount of fun to paint and I'm really pleased with the results. Jay digs it a lot as well, which is what's most important at the end of the day.
I also managed to finish up some Hired Guns for my  buddy Aeyrn (who you can find on the net at, so he can add some extra muscle to his Cawdor gang in Necromunda. These were great models to paint, but I'm still not sold on the idea of resin models for human-sized gaming models. The brittleness spooks me. 

Some bad hombres ready to fight for creds and a swig of Wildsnake.
Gimp? Deepsea Diver? Blacksmith? You decide.
The Hunchback of Necro Dame.
She will cut you. Bad.

And finally, I got a little more done on my Kharadon Overlords Arkanauts. Still a few left to do, but they should be finished up this week. 

Good for hauling cargo or poking a fool, the Skypike is a staple of the Arkanauts.

Sky Dorf Assault Cannon is ready to rock.

Ive still got two more regular dudes and the officer to paint on these guys, they I'm going treat myself to a character in a
top hat...

All in all, a pretty productive week even if most of these stuff is making its way to the shelves of other people!


Sunday, March 4, 2018

Looking Ahead

So I've hit a point where I'm super close to finishing up my Heresy Era Imperial Fists and now I'm trying to nail down my next big project. Or projects. Because I can't just stay focused on one thing apparently. Ugh.

Stalker 7 miniatures by Lead Adventure
While I've been deciding what to start next, I've continued hacking away at my lead pile - literally this time as I finished these old sculpts of some Pockeylips Survivors. I have no idea what I'll use them for, but they are ready to raid the Radzone and fight off mutants, cannibals or talking apes of all sorts now. As I was painting these cats, my gaze fell upon an unopened box of these fellows:

"Avast, ya weak-kneed land walker! Blood and Plundaaaaar aaaaar ours! Yaar!"
When they came out, I really dug the whole aesthetic of the Kharadron Overlords and was champing at the bit to paint some up. Unfortunately, I got wildly side-tracked by new 40K goodies and never got around to putting paint on the dorfs. Now Age of Sigmar is calling to me again, and I'd really like to take a crack at one of the sky-ships. Fortunately, its turned out that painting the basic infantry is a lot of fun as well. I've still got six more to do for a first unit, but I can see collecting a small army as a nice project to work on in the coming days.

The start of something new.
Not to be one to bite off only what I can chew, I've also decided to build an Arab army for Lion Rampant. My buddy Ron and I played again with a few modifications and it felt better. Enough so that we both wanted to paint some more for the time period. I wasn't too keen on adding more guys to my Norman army, and since Ron has a pretty generic middle period Medieval era army I thought they could serve as Crusaders in the Holy Land. All they need is some adversaries! And someone dippy enough to paint them!

A first unit of spearmen is taking shape. 

I've also got some more Napoleonic stuff I should be working on as well as some Necromunda commissions for a friend that should be pretty cool to paint. If I can keep to it, these projects are what will probably be featured most in the next few months. Wish me luck!