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Play-by-Email Imperials vs Genestealer Cult - Part 4

Turn 5

 Imperial Agents Sitrep - Gotfret de Montbard is no more. The Crusader was slain by a shot in the back from one of the cowards up on the gantry. Serivina and Aradia have found themselves under attack by a quartet of misshapen brutes - creatures hellish even by the standards of the cultists. Aradia killed one in melee and hurt another, but Severina was pummeled badly taking 3 wounds! The Deathwatch are still in place. Orders?

+++Deathwatch abandoned the truck to save their wards.

“Broken and bloody, Inquisitor Serevina Humiliata bared her teeth at the hulking freaks that surrounded her and the Primaris Psyker, Aradia Madellan. Serevina’s right shoulder armor was caved in and she could no longer feel the arm beneath it. Her vision swam even as she lashed out with her combat blade against the monstrosities. She vaguely heard bursts of gunfire - bolters? Perhaps Neyam’s dueling pistols. The world was spinning. 

The Inquisitor was vaguely aware of the Deathwatch’s hulking forms smashing into the equally gigantic forms of her assailants, but her focus was on trying to avoid the downward blows of two power picks. But her fatigue was showing. Both weapons found her, even as their weilders received retribution. 

“For His Imperial Majesty...” she whispered as she collapsed and the darkness enfolded her.”

The Deathwatch and Neyam Shia Murad turned their guns upon the acolytes on the platform. Guns blazing, they slew them to a man. The Deathwatch then charged the Aberrants, killing one and wounding another. Inquisitor Humiliata struck before the Aberrants, but failed to do anything. Their power picks fell upon her, smashing through her armor and killing her. In return, Aradia did another wound on the Aberrants leaving only one left alive. 

Adeptus Mechanicus Sitrep - The lone genestealer fell back from combat with your superior forces, only to make way for a group of five hybrid acolytes. Gunfire from these monstrosities killed your remaining Skitarii. The abominations then charged you in combat. It was fierce and bloody, in the end only the leader of the Tech-Acolytes and Father Erasmus remained, while two of the foul xenos half-breeds survived. You are still locked in combat with them. Orders? 

+++This one is tough, this is the last turn. I can't get to the terminal, I can't get the hopper that I sent to the wrong location. This is it, I either disengate from combat and go nowhere, stay in combat and win and that is it....
This is what I do. I tell the hopper to slide on over to the other entrance (middle of image), use the engine backblast to move those other fools out of the way, pick up the sample, SKULLROID 13 and me (Krugg, after he disengages from the two hybrids). We are dusting off ! Better to fail the objective and survive than to stick around and die in vain.

Ad beneficia Omnissiah” Father Erasmus whispered as he turned to leave the cave system-turned- abattoir. His sensors were picking up massive amounts of life-readings heading this way. The precious STC template would have to remain on this forsaken rock. The Dominatus’ massive walker began to slowly retreat. 

His bitterness was tempered by the hope that someday he or others of his order would be able to return here and retrieve the holy data fragment. He had lived for more than 600 standard years. He could wait a few more.”

The lander moved over to the entrance. Erasmus, the biologis Deacon and Skullroid moved towards the craft but failed to roll high enough to meet it. The remaining tech-acolyte slew another hybrid acolyte in close combat.

Cult Magus Sitrep - The Tech-Priest Dominus fell back from combat, leaving two Acolytes to fight the Tech-Acolyte. One Acolyte Hybrid was killed in melee, leaving the two Acolyte cultists from very different religions facing each other. The remaining Purestrain now has freedom of movement. The Magus is locked in combat with his rival, the Primus. Orders?

+++Cywyn grit his teeth, focusing his mind on the task at hand.  He chattered to his purestrain brethren, commanding it to escape into the tunnels from whence it came, lest it fall into enemy hands or suffer corruption by the traitor Kyruss, should Cywyn fail in his appointed task... +++
* * *
Send the Genestealer running south, back down the tunnel we came from.  Try to get him out of sight of everyone if movement allows.
Cywyn should use his psychic powers: Smite on Kyruss, and then Might from Beyond on himself and kill Kyruss.   (I'll choose Cywyn to fight with first in the combat phase.)
The Hybrid Acolyte can stay and continue fighting the other Skitarii dude.

Cult Primus Sitrep - Primus Gnorr is engaged in bloody combat with his foe, Magus Stor. The last Aberrant is surrounded by angry Deathwatch Marines. Orders?

+++Fight to last man!

“Cywyn Stor gritted his teeth and deftly parried a slash from his hated foe, Primus Kyruss Gnorr. The Magus focused his mind, marshalling all of his inner strength and sent it as a bolt of pure force into the Primus’ bulbous skull. Gnorr reeled away from the melee, dropping his weapons and clutching his head. His body spasmed with pain until he could last no more, his cranium detonating like a blasting charge. 

The Magus stood back, brushing bits of bone and gore from his finery. Now his authority and position within the coven were assured! And no witnesses besides his faithful familiars. Now, to concoct a plausible story for the reinforcements that he could feel nearby. Perhaps killed by an enemy pskyer? Yes, yes, despite the Magus’ valiant attempts to save his brother, he was overcome. 

The enemy was still here in strength, but the main force would arrive soon. Even more Pure Brethern amongst their ranks. Not even the vaunted Astartes could stop their numbers. No, this day, the Imperium of Man would know no victory…”

Game Results

Despite the absolute beating that the Genestealer Cult received, the forces of the Imperium have not accomplished many of their objectives. With reinforcements inbound, the Cult is sure to eradicate the Emperor’s minions. With the death of Inquisitor Humiliata, no key codes exist to exterminate life on Epsilon Beta Hydros. The cult will endure. 

The Cult of the Four-Armed Emperor under Magus Stor accomplished all three of their objectives:

Primary Objective - Prevent the forces of the Imperium from getting to the landing pad and escaping with the Xenos biosample.

Secondary Objective - Eliminate the threat to your position in the brood by getting rid of the Primus, Kyrus Gnorr. If he is dead by the end of Turn 5, you will have succeeded.

Tertiary Objective - The pure bloodline must be maintained. The Patriarch has gifted you with the presence of a brood of Purestrains. This squad must survive with at least one member by the end of the 5th turn.

The Cult of the Four-Armed Emperor under Primus Gnorr accomplished two of their objectives:

Primary Objective - Prevent the forces of the Imperium from getting to the landing pad and escaping with the Xenos biosample.

Tertiary Objective - The Inquisitor may have the authority to exterminate the entire planetoid. She must not survive. 

The Imperial Agents under the leadership of Inquisitor Humiliata accomplished one of their objectives:

Tertiary Objective - The Deathwatch Kill team must maintain its honor by inflicting at least 3 times as many casualties as it takes by the end of Turn 5. 

The Adeptus Mechanicus force commanded by Father Erasmus accomplished one of their objectives:

Tertiary Objective - Upload combat data by engaging at least 1 Purestrain Xenos in close combat.

With a 5:2 ratio, the Genestealer Cult has won the day! POWER TO THE PEOPLE! DOWN WITH THE IMPERIAL OPPRESSORS!!

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