Monday, August 14, 2017

Slow Week - Adding To My Orks Here and There

Just painting some more Orks this week. I added a Weirdboy and some additional Shootaz to bring that unit up to 30 models.

I really didn't like the current Weirdboy model very much. Its also Finecast,
which I've tried to avoid as much as I can. Instead, I made a Weirdboy using
the AoS Orruk Weirdboy and spare Ork parts from a Deff Dread kit.
I added parts from a Scorcha to each end of the staff and added a skull plate as well.
Then I made a backpack out ofanother piece of the Deff Dread.
I was going for a bit of post-apocolyptic vibe on all this.
These last 7 guys brings my Shoota mob up to 30 - a fearsome prospect to face.



Saturday, August 5, 2017

Imperial Fists: Part 3: More Like Imperial Finished!

All ready to crush the enemies of Mankind.
I put the finishing touches on the last unit of Primaris Marines from the Dark Imperium set this week - the Inceptors. This closes out all the Imperial units from Dark Imperium! Wooooooot! Now I can try to get some games in with these guys.

Lead by Brother Sergeant DiCapprio, these guys will hopefully haunt my opponents nightmares or something.
A little bit of a closer view.

All total, these guys add up to about 50 Power Levels - so certainly enough to start gaming with. I plan on adding some tanks and a Dreadnought in the future, but for now I think I'll take a break from painting yellow and messing about with Microsol and decals. On deck, I've still got some Napoleonics to paint - ships, cavalry and more infantry - and the Nurgle half of Dark Imperium as well as Orks, a Heresy Era Marine army, and Dropfleet Commander space ships. Its all a matter of just deciding what to do next.