Sunday, August 27, 2017

Imperial Fists: Part 5: Old Fistos

"Stupid babies need the MOST help!" said the Primaris Ancient...
A while back I picked up the Horus Heresy game "Burning of Prospero" and still hadn't assembled any of the stuff inside. I ended up deciding to paint the marines it comes with as Heresy Era Imperial Fists, figuring by the time I assembled and painted them all that 30K will be ported into the 8th ed rules. In the meantime, I'll fold them into my regular 40k army as marines wearing honor armor or some nonsense. So now my army has some Tiny Marines™.

These models come in waaaaaay too many parts for such limited posing. 
While I really like the MKIII marine armor, its like GW looked at Privateer Press' models and said "Hold my beer." and then set out to make a smaller model with even more rivets. That said, the technical constraints that two part moulds put on little details like rivets are handled really well here.

Another quick tip that I used to speed up the painting process here was that after the model is primed and then sprayed yellow, a liberal wash of GW's Druchii Violet created the perfect shading and base to work my colors up from. I can't believe I didn't do this the first time since Violet is on the opposite side of the Color Wheel from Yellow - my art college professors would probably slap me. 

Just a quick wash over a sprayed base coat and you're ready to go!


Saturday, August 19, 2017

Slooooooooow Hobby Week

Not too much to report this time around. I managed to get done a squad of Space Marine Assault Terminators that I had hanging around. I had originally ordered a box of Ork Boyz on Amazon and these came instead(?). Rather than going through the return process, I just socked them away for the future. I guess that future is now and I can use these guys to wham on enemy tanks.

I've always been more of a Thunder Hammer and Stormshield man, than a Lightning Claw guy. I guess
I just don't need to see Wolverine in Spaaaaaace.
I love that the teleport homing beacon is part of this kit.
A Space Marine army just isn't a real army unless you make it out of stuff you just have lying around, I guess. So now my Imperial Fists are legit. I think I'm going to start looking at adding  tank as the next step in this army to bring it to 75ish Power Levels.


Monday, August 14, 2017

Slow Week - Adding To My Orks Here and There

Just painting some more Orks this week. I added a Weirdboy and some additional Shootaz to bring that unit up to 30 models.

I really didn't like the current Weirdboy model very much. Its also Finecast,
which I've tried to avoid as much as I can. Instead, I made a Weirdboy using
the AoS Orruk Weirdboy and spare Ork parts from a Deff Dread kit.
I added parts from a Scorcha to each end of the staff and added a skull plate as well.
Then I made a backpack out ofanother piece of the Deff Dread.
I was going for a bit of post-apocolyptic vibe on all this.
These last 7 guys brings my Shoota mob up to 30 - a fearsome prospect to face.



Saturday, August 5, 2017

Imperial Fists: Part 4: More Like Imperial Finished!

All ready to crush the enemies of Mankind.
I put the finishing touches on the last unit of Primaris Marines from the Dark Imperium set this week - the Inceptors. This closes out all the Imperial units from Dark Imperium! Wooooooot! Now I can try to get some games in with these guys.

Lead by Brother Sergeant DiCapprio, these guys will hopefully haunt my opponents nightmares or something.
A little bit of a closer view.

All total, these guys add up to about 50 Power Levels - so certainly enough to start gaming with. I plan on adding some tanks and a Dreadnought in the future, but for now I think I'll take a break from painting yellow and messing about with Microsol and decals. On deck, I've still got some Napoleonics to paint - ships, cavalry and more infantry - and the Nurgle half of Dark Imperium as well as Orks, a Heresy Era Marine army, and Dropfleet Commander space ships. Its all a matter of just deciding what to do next.