Sunday, July 8, 2018

Mixed Bag 12: Revisiting the Death Guard

I knocked off a few projects this week and started a big one as well. A lot of my painting was focused on revisiting my Death Guard army for 40K. I had purchased a second unit of Tox Troopers from Anvil Industries to use as cultists as while back and it was high time that I got them done. These are great little sculpts and are a lot fun to paint up.

This gives me two units of 10 in the army and should form a nice speed bump for blunting assaults.

I also did some quick scenery work on some 3D printed crystals that I picked up off eBay a few months ago. I gave them coat of teal spray paint and then dry-brushed the up to white along the edges. I should probably pick up a second set, as I had intended them to be used as objective markers in Age of Sigmar - but the kit only comes with 5 models and I need six. Regardless, they will add a nice pop of color on my grey Hell-scape board. 

The build lines are pretty atrocious, but I can accept them for crystals and for the fact that they retail for about $12.

The vast majority of my week was taken up with building a Nurgle-esque Renegade Knight as an ally for my Death Guard. I've added a lot of bits and some putty work to him, and I think its gonna be a model I can really be proud of when all is said and done. 

I covered one shoulder pad with a ton of skulls from GW's Skull kit. It was a lot of work, but the
effect was really worth it in the end.
I've replaced the close combat arm with Skaven Plague Engine censor generously given to me
by my buddy Rob. I think it really set the tone for the model for me and damn if the spikes on all
those chains don't really hurt to handle!
The head is a 3rd party piece from Shapeways. I added the horn on it so it was a little more
Plague Bearer-y in its appearance.
I mounted the missile launcher on part of an Empire Celestial Hurricanum platform to give the
Knight more of an imposing and Gothic feel. I plan to create some billowing smoke clouds coming
from the engine stacks and this should be a nice visual counter-balance to the pulpit.
I managed to paint up the lower half of the Knight this weekend. I'm really happy with how its all heading.
The tumors on the knight were made by applying expanding insulation foam. After they dried, I smoothed them a bit with some green stuff and sealed them with a coat of white glue before priming. Protip: if you do something like this, put a little foam on some newspaper and use bit of wire to transfer it to the model. DON"T just squirt it onto your kit or it will
end in tears.

This week will probably see me focusing a lot on the Knight, but I think it'll be a while before he's finished up. 


Saturday, June 30, 2018

High Elf Army

This week sees me putting the final nail in the 1000 points of my High Elf army for Warhammer Fantasy Battle 6th edition. I plan on expanding the army, but I'll probably try to get a few games in and squeeze in some other projects before expanding it.

The army in all its glory.

I'm really happy with how this all turned out, and the whole project has been a great mix of old and new sculpts to work on. 

The commander model is a classic Jes Goodwin sculpt. I love the balance here of elegant elf-y-ness with an almost
Celtic barbarian-ness.
On the other end of the spectrum is this High Elf mage who takes advantage of every modern part separation trick
to create a wildly dynamic model.
A unit of Lothern Sea Guard, which is one of the best sculpted incarnations
I think GW has produced.
These Sword Masters of Hoeth are great rendition of otherwise classic designs. 
This archer unit brings back some more classic sculpts by Jes and the plastic guys just have a special place in my
cold, black heart.
And the Reavers... well... we love the Reavers anyway...

So there it is. My little host is ready to march to war - against some invading goblins and their ilk, it looks like. Blow the horns of war and make ready your swords! We seek our glory or our doom!


Sunday, June 24, 2018

A Sensitive Bit of Horseflesh!

On most projects I work on, there is always a kit or unit that I leave for last. Usually, its because it looks like a nightmare to build or a pain to paint and most times I'm pleasantly surprised that it wasn't the chore that I thought it was going to be. For my High Elf army that unit was the Ellyrian Reavers. And man, was I NOT pleasantly surprised. This unit was a chore from start to finish, but they are thankfully done!

Unlike the rest of the High Elves I've been working on, these guys were a nightmare to assemble AND
to paint. I don't know if was that I just wasn't in the mood to paint cavalry or what, but I could have
done a better job if I wasn't so hell bent on just getting them done.

This did lead to some re-working of my original army list, as I had factored for a full command with the Reavers and those sculpts weren't part of the set. That free'ed up some points and I now have room to add another Hero to the army. I think the army will benefit from the leadership boost and the extra melee attacks.

I'm using a classic Jes Goodwin sculpt for the Hero. I've still got to sort out a shield and
his base and then he's ready to lead my army to battle!

So now as it stands, my army list is as follows:

Hero - Mage upgrade to Level 2 - 130pts
Hero - Commander w/heavy armor and shield - 76pts

Core Units
Archers - 10 w/standard and musician - 148pts
Lothern Sea Guard - 12 w/shields and command - 179pts

Special Units
Ellyrian Reavers  - 5 w/ bows - 120pts
Swordmasters - 15 w/command - 225pts

Rare Units
Bolt Thrower - 100pts

Total - 978 w/22 points for magic items

I should be able to finish up the Commander this week, then I'll take a few army shots of them all to show off. For all intents and purposes, though - I've finished up my first 1,000 points for Warhammer Fantasy Battle 6th ed. Hopefully, I'll be able to get some games in soon.


Sunday, June 17, 2018

Moar Elfy Goodness!

I'm within striking distance of finishing the first 1000 points of my High Elves for 6th edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle. I've shifted my list around just a bit which means that I'll need to paint another three or four guys, but its nothing huge.

I finished up the command group for my Swordmasters, so they are pretty much ready to go. I still need to make some
banners for the Archer unit, though.

Over the course of the week, I finished the command section for my Swordmasters, bringing me to three playable units! Then I turned my attentions to a few quick units to finish this weekend. First on deck is a classic Repeater Bolt-thrower. I loved these when I was younger, and I still need to scour eBay for another.

"Hurry up and load! I want to shoot over there!!"
"I know, I know! Shut up Gary!"

Then I cranked out my General at this level - a High Elf Mage. This model was a lot of fun to work on, but I think I still miss some of the old models who are throwing out devil horn gestures. So, it may be back to the Bay of E to hunt for one of them as well.

Surf. Is. Up.

To close out the weekend, I finished up a test model for the final unit in the army - the Ellyrian Reavers. I found these models to be a nightmare to assemble and I know painting them is going to be a slog. I find I usually need to really be "in the mood" for painting cavalry, and I'm regretting saving these until last. But, 1/5 of the way done, I suppose!

So much whiteness...

If I can dig deep and keep working on the cav for the week, I should be able to put a pin in this project by the end of next weekend at the latest. Here's hoping!


Sunday, June 10, 2018

Seaguard and Swordmasters, Oh My!

Work continues apace on my High Elf army for 6th edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle. I've continued to build momentum with project pretty easily. I owned a reasonably big High Elf army for the 4th and 5th editions of Warhammer, and revisiting the range has been a ton of fun. I'm aiming to complete a 1000 point list within the next month or so.

Over the last week, I finished up the Lothern Seaguard unit's command section.

Stalwart spearmen AND archers, the Seaguard is really versatile unit. 

I always find that when approaching any kind of project army lists help me to plan purchases, maintain focus and dole out little "rewards" to myself in form of characters and war machines. Here is the list that I'm working off of for this project:

Hero - Mage upgrade to Level 2 - 130pts

Core Units
Archers - 10 w/command - 160pts - DONE
Lothern Sea Guard - 12 w/shields and command - 179pts - DONE

Special Units
Ellyrian Reavers  - 5 w/ bows and command - 155pts
Swordmasters - 15 w/command - 225pts - IN PROGRESS

Rare Units
Bolt Thrower - 100pts

Total - 949 w/51 points for magic items and such

I've only got about 13 models to finish up the whole first leg. Later I'll add more units to bring it up to a 2000 point army at some point.

The Swordmasters of Hoeth have been a real pleasure to work on. I've loved their design for a long time and the latest (last?) incarnations of them are just as great. I still need to finish the command group, but that should be easy enough to do over the course of the next week.

Big hair and big swords - I'm looking forward to these guys smashing some face.

One of the things I'm doing with these guys is magnetizing their bases. The movement trays are going to be cut from sheet metal, so I keep a nice low profile for the bases.

I found a sheet of magnetic material with an adhesive backing. It was
just a matter of cutting it up into 20mm x 20mm squares.
Once attached,  it just takes  sharp blade to trim up everything
nice and neat!

I've got to assemble the Ellyrian Reavers once I finish up the Swordmaster command. Before tackling the cavalry unit, I'll probably take some time on the Mage as a break. With any luck, I'll be done with this force and playing some games by the end of the month!


Sunday, June 3, 2018

Guns, Dorfs and Elfs!

The last two weeks have been a really eclectic painting line up for me. I managed to knock out some long-waiting kits and start on some others that have been sitting on the periphery of my painting queue. Adding a second Vindicator to my Imperial Fists was the first project that came all together. I've always intended to do a siege warfare theme for them and this ties that up in a bow. I've now got a little over 3,000 points to play with and I'm itching to get some more games in with these guys.

Beeeeg Badda-Boom. Two of these in a big game should give my opponent serious headaches. I almost considered three, but that just felt over the top. 

Next in line was a Grundstock Gunhauler for my Kharadron Overlords. I had gotten the model with a "Start Collecting" Box and had put it on the back burner as I wasn't too impressed with its rules. However, the scuttlebutt around the Games Workshop page tells me that the Overlords are seeing an across the board points decrease, so I'm sure I'll need it to fill out some new room in my army.

Another fun kit for this army. If nothing else, it'll be good support for my Frigate.
I'll say this for the Gunhauler - its got a lot of balls.
Cannon balls.
Finally, something of an oddity jumped into the front of the paint queue this week. I had the High Elf contents of an Isle of Blood box sitting in my cabinet forever, and I've finally decided to start painting them. Long ago, I owned a High Elf army for Warhammer Fantasy Battle and loved them dearly but time and tide have seen those models off to greener pastures. The plastic Isle of Blood models are the ultimate rendition of that old line in my opinion and I've wanted to paint them for a while.

A unit of Lothern Seaguard in progress. I've still got to do the Champion, Musician and Standard Bearer to finish them.
I also scoured eBay and found these original plastic High Elf archers, which I have an
inordinate amount of nostalgic love for.

When I started this project, I wasn't really sure what game I would base the High Elves for; but a buddy is working on a Goblin army that he was basing for classic Fantasy Battle so I decided to go that route. After some discussion we settled on using the 6th Edition rules for Warhammer as it was hands down my favorite edition and there is a lot of stuff available for it online for dirt cheap. We are both trying to  focus on armies that are going to give a fun, close game; rather than world crushing army lists. My hope is to capture some of the old school feeling of Warhammer where it was a story-telling device rather than a competition game. I'm aiming to have a 1000 pt list done in the next month or so. Wish me luck!


Sunday, May 20, 2018

Never Mind the Maneuvers, Just Go Straight At 'Em!

The full might of Barak O-Bomb-Ya on display.

I've finished the first 1,000 points of of my Kharadron Overlord army for Age of Sigmar. I've got the next 500 points planned out, but first I want to try and get some games in! This force has been a ton of fun to paint and I'm chuffed with how it all turned out. 

I spent an hour or two each night for the last week working on my Frigate, and I'm really pleased with end results. The army feels super cohesive and now its just a matter of adding to it slowly, using the same techniques.

The Orca (because of course that's what I named it!) in all its glory. Once again I ended up using
a metal rod in place of the flying stand, and I'm really glad I did. It not only adds sturdiness to the model,
but let me gain some nice height as well. 
Its a lonely existence navigating through the Aether!
The runes and ship name were done with home-made decals. 
"Hooper drives the boat, Chief…"
"Once I caught a fifteen- footer offa Montauk. Took two barrels to bring him up!"
"Full Ahead. I can go full ahead. Why don't you come down here and chum some
of this shit?"

As you can tell, this army is worth playing for the Jaws quotes alone! I'm super excited for it to hit the table-top. Wish me luck!


Sunday, May 13, 2018

Kharadron Overlords Update

The army thus far. The deep irony is that all this painting wouldn't even be a dent in a Warhammer Fantasy Battle army
of previous editions. I love the new manageable sizes for armies in Age of Sigmar.

I got another unit added to my Kharadron Overlords this week - a five man team of Grundstok Thunderers armed with Aethershot Rifles. I managed to paint one guy a night this week and the unit was ready to go before I knew it. These cats usually have all kinds of crazy gun options, but I decided to build them all with the stock (GET IT?!) rifles so that I could lay down a consistent amount of fire at a known range. I have yet to play a game with them, so we'll see if that was a really dumb decision sooner or later.

I undercoated these guys with a Leadbelcher colored spray and they were a snap to crank out quickly!

Next on deck (GET IT?! GET IT?!?!) is, FINALLY, one of the Overlord sky vessels! I feel like these models are the major reason to even collect this army, so I'm really chomping at the bit to get to work on this model. I've opted for a Frigate, which is a medium ship class, and have just completed the build.

I've kept it in a bunch of sub-assemblies so I can really get to things easily when I  start applying paint. It was a super nice kit to build and when I was done, I actually looked forward to building another!

Once the Frigate is complete, I'll have roughly a 1,000 pt army. This should allow me to get some games in and figure out what I want to add and what really shines in battle for these dude-kids. Anticipation is high. Wish me luck!


Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Keys to the Kingdom

This past Friday I embarked on publishing an ebook and I thought I'd shill it here for anyone who wants more info or hasn't seen me blathering on about it on Facebook or Twitter or all over. Its called "The Keys to the Kingdom" and is available here from DriveThruRPG. The Keys to the Kingdom is 75 pages of fantasy art, character descriptions, and a campaign setting that I've developed from sketches for the past three years or so. It includes 40+ character descriptions with illustrations, 10 one-page adventures that can be adapted to any fantasy rpg system, and a light role-playing game system evocative of classic games. All for $12! Which is a low, low price for some and inexplicably expensive for others, I guess.

The cover.

Here are a few sample pages:

Each character has a name and brief bio, so they can be easily used as NPCs or character
inspiration in almost any fantasy setting.
Everything from Halflings to Dwarves to Elves and Men are covered.
Three pages of RPG material are included. I've ran a game for nearly a year on these rules and they
totally work! Great for introducing newbies to role-playing games and awesome for old vets who
don't want to obsess over a new rules set.
Plus, it includes ten adventures that can be run in ANY fantasy game system! I know, WOW right?!

So if you're interested, why not take the plunge? Or just pass it along to someone who you think might be into these kind of shenanigans! Or don't do anything at all. I don't tell you how to live your life…


Blimp Dorfs are GO!

Another unit of Kharadron Overlords have joined the throng! This time, its a unit of Sky Wardens. These brave Dwarves ply the skyways in their lighter-than-air rigs, bringing destruction to the enemies of their Captains. Or something like that.

These guys come in a bazillion parts and were not my favorite to put together, BUT they painted up a like a dream! I'd do another unit in a heart-beat.
I tried to keep the color palette on these cats simple.
I was tempted to bring another color into the power-sources on the
balloons, but I think the teal ties it all together more.
I really dig all the diesel-punk flanges and styling on these models.
While there are a bunch of options for unit, I opted to
keep things simple with Skyhooks and a Gatling Gun.
I also really dig the pinkish-purple touches on these guys. It
shows they are totally secure in their manliness and contrasts
nicely with all the gold.
Brrrrrap! Once again I replaced the flying stands with rod - not
only does this make the model more durable, but I also have more
variation in heights throughout the squad.
Dig that big glowy ball of weirdness on his ass...

Next up I have a unit of Aethershot Rifle-armed Thunders to knock out. Then a big floating boat is in my future. The army is coming together nicely and I should have a reasonably sized force to play some games with in no time!