Saturday, October 20, 2018

Reavers Ready to Roll

The forces of the Legio Gryphonicus and the Legio Mortis grow!

This post sees all my Reaver Titans finished and ready to go for Adeptus Titanicus. Hooray! I couldn't be happier. The Reaver kits are very nicely done, but just a bit more of a chore to assemble than the mighty Warlord Titans. I guess this goes with how I enjoy painting models more than building them - I found the work of magnetizing the weapon arms and working out the posing more of a chore than actually getting paint on the Reavers. Thankfully, these kits are a dream to paint once you've put in all the effort to assemble them.

The Titans Bellum Est Dominar and Ulalate Furoris are joined by the second Reaver, Ferro Interitus.

I did the checker pattern using a technique I saw on Twitter - I used
a stencil ordinarily used for painting finger nails! Cheap and easy to apply
it gave me a really nice base to work from. After filling in the stencil, it
was a simple matter of removing it and then neatening up everything with
a brush.
The forces of the Legio Mortis are bolstered by the arrival of the Reaver Titan, Quatuor Mortes. 
Again, I went for a pattern on the main hull. This was just done using painters
tape cut into fine strips and applied over the hull once it was painted red. Then
it was a matter of just filling in the black. Easy, peasy!

I'm in the home stretch with finishing my two maniples. I have two pairs of Warhound Titans en route and still have 3 last Knight models to do for the Legio Gryphonicus (which I'm dreading building. 21 parts. Ugh.)


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