Monday, August 27, 2018

Terrain Blitz!

I've been pretty quiet on this blog for the last few weeks, but I haven't been idle. Mostly it seems like I've been assembling and painting a couple of terrain kits for Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000. So with out further ado, here we go!

When the second edition of Age of Sigmar was released, I picked up a set of the new battlefield objects that was produced. The kit comes with seven objective markers with a lot of character. I've based and painted up six, I've still got one to do but its a big floating thing and I still haven't figured out how I'm gonna base it. These were nice kits, and allow me to get some characterful markers on the board with no fuss.

Each sculpt is really characterful and assembles quickly.
Well, except this weapon pile. This went together weird and took a
few passesof dry fitting to get right. 
I'm not sure why a wizard left his spell book/jar trunk here, but
its a lot of fun.
The interior of the sarcophagus is also well detailed.
Then its a jump over to the 41st millennium to work on some terrain. Games Workshop has re-issued some of their older terrain and I jumped on getting a few that I'd missed out on - the Skyshield Landing Pad and Honored Imperium. These kits were the polar opposite of one another, but in the end I'm happy with both.

This kit was a nightmare to assemble. Its super flimsy and tries to be clever with its engineering rather
than being robust. I'm happy to have it as a nice narrative objective for my games, but man was I happy
when this thing was done. Total pig of a model.
The blast shields raise and lower. Why? Why not! I guess!
Honored Imperium, on the other hand, was quick to assemble and a lot of fun to paint. 

I also made a decision my wallet will regret for years to come by picking up a copy of the new Adeptus Titanicus. I've already begun assembling a Warlord Titan, so keep an eye out for that in the coming weeks. I plan on working on this slowly, so I can savor the priceyness and keep pace with what I'm suspecting will be a glacial release schedule.

A game of Titanic Prices in the Age of Austerity. 


Sunday, August 5, 2018

Mixed Bag 13: Bits and Bobs

After a big project like my Nurgle Knight, I have a tendency to slow down a bit for a week or two hobby-wise and pick off small projects and this time was no exception. I first returned to my High Elf army and knocked out a couple of extra Lothern Sea Guard models and a Sword Master that I had laying around. These models will just add to the existing units to bulk them out a bit. I actually played a game of 6th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle against my buddy's gorgeous Goblin army, but sadly forgot to take any decent pictures.

The addition of these cats will really help out their units. In our game, my regiments felt
painfully small.

Then it was a quick trip to Age of Sigmar Land to finish off a character from my Kharadron Overlord collection. This time it was an Aether Khemist, a very useful character model that can buff ranged attacks for nearby units. I have a feeling he and my Grundstok Thunderers will be the very best of friends. 

I was literally going for quick and dirty with the paint job on this fella.
I managed to crank him out in about 2 hours.
This guy has a ton of details, but I just wanted to keep him simple. I think it
helps him feel cohesive with the rest of the army.

Afterwards, I made an about face and headed back to more Elf-y goodness and completed a second unit of armored Archers and another Bolt Thrower. I think this firepower will really help the army in the long-run. 

This should help me dominate the shooting phase and make Orlando Bloom happy. 
I reversed the color placement from the scheme I used on the original unit. This way, each unit feels slightly distinct while still maintaining the feel of the army by using the same colors.

Finally, I also swung into the world of DIY paper miniatures for my D&D group's latest adventure. We play a super stream-lined version based on the original D&D rules that takes a more narrative "theater of the mind" approach and normally eschews the need for miniatures and maps. This adventure was the culmination of a year-long story arc and would be pretty complex. The characters were attempting to get a hold of a magic hammer and destroy a cursed gem in the midst of a battle between Cthulhu-esque Cultists and undead Dwarves. It was also a lot of fun to quietly do this and pull it all out for the final encounter. Everyone enjoyed it a lot and I was really glad I made the effort. 

The intrepid adventures prepare their plan to run the gauntlet and claim the Hammer of Creation from the Temple of Arra.
All the standees were designed to folded into place.
Also pictured: My tubby mug explaining something. 
The hammer was floating over an altar between two massive statues. It was a simple effect to pull off and really sold the
The evil High Priest and his army of cultists and Deep One allies nearly managed to thwart the
players' efforts, but the forces of Good won out in the end.
I really enjoyed making these paper-craft items. There is a certain simple charm in them when they are done. 

My next "big" project that I'm gearing up for is building a Storm Eagle gunship for my Imperial Fists. Its a lot of work with resin and I feel like I need to mentally prepare for it before jumping in. Wish me luck.