Sunday, May 20, 2018

Never Mind the Maneuvers, Just Go Straight At 'Em!

The full might of Barak O-Bomb-Ya on display.

I've finished the first 1,000 points of of my Kharadron Overlord army for Age of Sigmar. I've got the next 500 points planned out, but first I want to try and get some games in! This force has been a ton of fun to paint and I'm chuffed with how it all turned out. 

I spent an hour or two each night for the last week working on my Frigate, and I'm really pleased with end results. The army feels super cohesive and now its just a matter of adding to it slowly, using the same techniques.

The Orca (because of course that's what I named it!) in all its glory. Once again I ended up using
a metal rod in place of the flying stand, and I'm really glad I did. It not only adds sturdiness to the model,
but let me gain some nice height as well. 
Its a lonely existence navigating through the Aether!
The runes and ship name were done with home-made decals. 
"Hooper drives the boat, Chief…"
"Once I caught a fifteen- footer offa Montauk. Took two barrels to bring him up!"
"Full Ahead. I can go full ahead. Why don't you come down here and chum some
of this shit?"

As you can tell, this army is worth playing for the Jaws quotes alone! I'm super excited for it to hit the table-top. Wish me luck!


Sunday, May 13, 2018

Kharadron Overlords Update

The army thus far. The deep irony is that all this painting wouldn't even be a dent in a Warhammer Fantasy Battle army
of previous editions. I love the new manageable sizes for armies in Age of Sigmar.

I got another unit added to my Kharadron Overlords this week - a five man team of Grundstok Thunderers armed with Aethershot Rifles. I managed to paint one guy a night this week and the unit was ready to go before I knew it. These cats usually have all kinds of crazy gun options, but I decided to build them all with the stock (GET IT?!) rifles so that I could lay down a consistent amount of fire at a known range. I have yet to play a game with them, so we'll see if that was a really dumb decision sooner or later.

I undercoated these guys with a Leadbelcher colored spray and they were a snap to crank out quickly!

Next on deck (GET IT?! GET IT?!?!) is, FINALLY, one of the Overlord sky vessels! I feel like these models are the major reason to even collect this army, so I'm really chomping at the bit to get to work on this model. I've opted for a Frigate, which is a medium ship class, and have just completed the build.

I've kept it in a bunch of sub-assemblies so I can really get to things easily when I  start applying paint. It was a super nice kit to build and when I was done, I actually looked forward to building another!

Once the Frigate is complete, I'll have roughly a 1,000 pt army. This should allow me to get some games in and figure out what I want to add and what really shines in battle for these dude-kids. Anticipation is high. Wish me luck!


Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Keys to the Kingdom

This past Friday I embarked on publishing an ebook and I thought I'd shill it here for anyone who wants more info or hasn't seen me blathering on about it on Facebook or Twitter or all over. Its called "The Keys to the Kingdom" and is available here from DriveThruRPG. The Keys to the Kingdom is 75 pages of fantasy art, character descriptions, and a campaign setting that I've developed from sketches for the past three years or so. It includes 40+ character descriptions with illustrations, 10 one-page adventures that can be adapted to any fantasy rpg system, and a light role-playing game system evocative of classic games. All for $12! Which is a low, low price for some and inexplicably expensive for others, I guess.

The cover.

Here are a few sample pages:

Each character has a name and brief bio, so they can be easily used as NPCs or character
inspiration in almost any fantasy setting.
Everything from Halflings to Dwarves to Elves and Men are covered.
Three pages of RPG material are included. I've ran a game for nearly a year on these rules and they
totally work! Great for introducing newbies to role-playing games and awesome for old vets who
don't want to obsess over a new rules set.
Plus, it includes ten adventures that can be run in ANY fantasy game system! I know, WOW right?!

So if you're interested, why not take the plunge? Or just pass it along to someone who you think might be into these kind of shenanigans! Or don't do anything at all. I don't tell you how to live your life…


Blimp Dorfs are GO!

Another unit of Kharadron Overlords have joined the throng! This time, its a unit of Sky Wardens. These brave Dwarves ply the skyways in their lighter-than-air rigs, bringing destruction to the enemies of their Captains. Or something like that.

These guys come in a bazillion parts and were not my favorite to put together, BUT they painted up a like a dream! I'd do another unit in a heart-beat.
I tried to keep the color palette on these cats simple.
I was tempted to bring another color into the power-sources on the
balloons, but I think the teal ties it all together more.
I really dig all the diesel-punk flanges and styling on these models.
While there are a bunch of options for unit, I opted to
keep things simple with Skyhooks and a Gatling Gun.
I also really dig the pinkish-purple touches on these guys. It
shows they are totally secure in their manliness and contrasts
nicely with all the gold.
Brrrrrap! Once again I replaced the flying stands with rod - not
only does this make the model more durable, but I also have more
variation in heights throughout the squad.
Dig that big glowy ball of weirdness on his ass...

Next up I have a unit of Aethershot Rifle-armed Thunders to knock out. Then a big floating boat is in my future. The army is coming together nicely and I should have a reasonably sized force to play some games with in no time!


Sunday, April 29, 2018

Mixed Bag 11: Mixbo Baggins

So last week I neglected posting not because I missed out on painting anything, but mostly because everything I was working on was in various states of progress. The end of this week brought a bunch of projects to a close and should be more interesting to read about. Or not. I don't tell you how to live your life…

First up were a pair of Armiger Warglaives from the new 40k starter "Forgebane". My friend Chris had picked up the set and I offered to paint these goobers up in House Krast livery since I'd painted his  Knight previously.

These were nice kits and went together well. If I had one complaint, its that they really are just scaled down versions of the Knight - almost identical in parts and build. I was expecting a little less involved construction with these cats, but it turned out fine I guess. 
If nothing else, these guys definitely gave me the chance
 to paint all the free hand hazard striping I could eat. 
I had to slightly cut down the House Krast crest (say that
five times fast) in order for it to fit on the carapace.
I was still happy with the end result.

I also finished up my ten man unit of Breachers for my Horus Heresy army. Then, as a break from painting so much yellow, I knocked out a Primus Medicae Consul for the army as well. Whew. I've just got another Vindicator to paint and the army will be at 3k points. I'll have to take some big shots of all those chuck heads together soon. 

I'm really pleased with how these guys turned out, but man was it a slog to get them done. 
"Tell me where it hurts. Everywhere? Good. Good."

Then I spent an evening applying transfers to the shields on my Arab spearmen. The decals are from Little Big Men Studios  range. They were very reasonably priced, even for shipping them to the US, and gave the models a nice "pop" once applied. This was my first time using them, and they are a little unusual, but give good results. They almost apply more like stickers than traditional decals. 

I've got enough for the rest of the army, but I'm not sure if I'd use them again in the future. That is ONLY the result of
owning a very nice printer myself and knowing how to make my own decals. For anyone not in that situation, they are an excellent product!

Finally, I finished up the second unit of Arkanauts for my burgeoning Kharadron Overlord army. These guys also felt like they took forever, but were worth the effort. Maybe I need a break from painting ten man units? The next biggest unit in this army is five guys, so hopefully that will help shake the cobwebs from my noggin and get me into a proper painting headspace.

My growing force from Barak O-Bomb-ya.
I'll be here all week. Please tip
your waitress…

Next up are probably some more Overlords, then the Vindicator tank. I hope to finish up around the moment a special treat I ordered from Forge World arrives…


Sunday, April 15, 2018

Baptism by FIRE!

+++ Contact Initiated with the Traitors. Taking heavy fire. Send Reinforcements!
+++ Tranmission Ends. Squad Unresponsive.
Yesterday I got to play some of my first games of 30k, and what better way to ease into a new game than to toss my troops into the fiery crucible that is Zone Mortalis? My legion dove screaming into the warren of tunnels to sanctify their loyalty to the Emperor of Mankind with their rapid deaths. We used a fan-made adaption of the Heresy Era armies for 8th edition Warhammer 40,000, and the loyal forces of the Imperial Fists and Iron Hands squared off against the traitor scum of the Iron Warriors and the Emperor's Children!

My buddy Marky generously brought out his 4'x6' Zone Mortalis boards for us to battle over the
whole day. 
We played two different missions and my Marines died horribly in both of them. The first game I squared off against the Leviathan Warriors, oops I mean IRON Warriors. The two massive dreadnoughts wiped most of my units off the table in single rounds of shooting and I wept and gnashed my teeth at the indignity of it all. Much salt was thrown about. Thankfully, I did manage to finally kill one of the beasts in melee with my heroic Sword Brethren, moments before they too were wiped out. I considered it a moral victory of sorts.

My troops look so nice and ready to deal out death and destruction. This was a pipe-dream unfortunately.
Who needs and army when two of these things can just wipe your opponents off the map?

Here I am marking my Contemptor with a damage die rather than just removing him like I would have
to anyway when he was annihilated. 

Our second game saw me tangling with the more cultured gentlemen of the Emperor's Children - this went slightly better as I got to shoot and fight somewhat more in this game. In the end, we lost the second game but it was much, much closer than the previous game. 

"Everyone can fit, Brothers! You! On the left! Snuggle in there trooper! In the next 10,000 years you'll look back at this as one of the least awkward things you've done!"
After being wiped out earlier in the game, my Sword Brethren rushed back onto the board and acquitted themselves much better the second time around.
We managed to hold the primary objective for most of the game with the aid of our Iron Hands brothers. It still wasn't enough.
The brave troops of the Iron Hands pour through the doorway. This area would become choked with the dead when the Iron Warriors advanced a Leviathan into the hall. 

It was a lot of fun, but I am looking to see how the game plays on a more open battlefield with less crazy rules. Zone Mortalis has given me some motivation to get the last of my Breachers done this week, though. They definitely would have come in handy the battle zone.


Sunday, April 8, 2018

A Little Progress

Not too much to share this week. I've lost a little momentum on projects and I'm trying to build it back up. I'm so close to having 3,000 points of Imperial Fists finished, but the last few models are feeling like a slog. First up is a unit of Breachers, which I've managed to get five to point where I can base them.

So close to being done. I can't wait to get these guys off my painting desk.
I was super jazzed when I ordered these from a seller on Ebay, but they ended up being re-casts. And shitty ones at that. The quality has really taken the wind out of my sails, but I've only got to finish five more and I'm done. I hate the idea of buying re-casts, and for the price I paid I could have just ordered from Forge World. I know we all don't think this hurts a big company like Games Workshop, but it really is a slap in the face to hard working sculptors, mould makers and artists that bring these things to life. I'm chalking this up to live-and-learn but I'm gonna paint the unit anyway.

Like a mellon-head, I primed the whole unit black. I probably should
have primed it the same way I did the previous unit.
I also managed to get the test model done for my second unit of Arkanauts for my Kharadron Overlords. I'm reversing the color scheme from the first unit, but still maintaining the black and white theme. I'm pretty happy with how this cat turned out and I'm looking forward to getting the rest of the unit done.

The left hand guy is from unit one, and the second is going to be the new scheme.

Welp, I've got more Breachers in my future and some sky dorfs as well. Next weekend I'm supposed to play my first Horus Heresy game, and I'm super excited. I'll try to take lots of photos.