Sunday, February 24, 2019

Imperial Fist Showcase

Assault Squad Atrius - 10 marines in MKIII/MKIV hybrid armor with Jump Packs and Combat Shield by Kromlech.

Wooooo-hoooo! I finally finished the assault squad for my Heresy Era Imperial Fists. They were a bunch of work - between conversions and painting each felt like two models worth of effort - and I'm super happy to be done with them. Their completion brings me to about 4,000 points/ 200 Power Levels worth of guys and now I feel like I'm ready to play some really big games of Horus Heresy. 

In celebration (?), I've tried to take some shots of the whole force together. 

The whole army ready to rumble. Tremble Traitor scum!
With a little over one hundred marines in the army - I feel like I'm done painting infantry for these guys for a little while.
My next step is to add some armored vehicles to the mix - I've got a plan for a couple of Rhinos and a Sicaran Battle Tank next on my painting queue.
"For Dorn! For Terra!! For the Emperor of Mankind!!! FORWARD!!!!"

I started this project about 18 months ago - I think its a pretty good effort considering how much other stuff I've painted in between. Onto the next chunk!


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Snowpocalypse = Robopocalypse

Over the last week, Seattle saw some significant snowfall and the whole city pretty much shut-down. With work cancelled and the roads clogged, I was trapped in my home with nothing to do but build and paint models. I took it as an opportunity to knock out a commission and some units for my Death Guard army.

Units of House Epidemios stand ready to assist the followers of the Plague God.

On Twitter I'd seen someone combine an AdMech Dunewalker with an Armiger and I knew I wanted to do something similar, but I'd put off doing it for a while. But my copious free time finally let me get around to it.

I wanted to vary up the appearance of the Armiger, while still maintaining its
basic rules.
I had two Armigers, and liked the idea of double chainsaw arms.
I kept the motif of skull-covered shoulder pads on both Armigers that
I'd established on the Knight.

Once I finished up the first Armiger, I decided to convert another. Originally, I tried putting the Dune Walker's hull on Armiger legs; but it was way too AT-ST for me. Also, trying to attach a buzzsaw arm really spoiled the silhouette. In the end, I decided to convert the other Armiger hull and use that.

This one is a little more "stock" but still has enough to make it unique.

Finally, my friend Chris traded me some metal Norman infantry he had laying around for assembling and painting a Knight Castellan he owned. He wanted a Knight that had served with the Titan Legio Crucius for so long that they granted their heraldry. I finally had the time to build and knock this sucker out. It was a really interesting build, considering how much they did with mirroring frames. The whole thing was only 3 sprues.

This dude is a real beast. Its massive.


I made some custom Crusius decals to scatter
across the hull.

It feels good to get these machines off the painting the queue and onto the gaming table. Hopefully, I can do the second part soon!


Sunday, February 10, 2019

Foul Blightspawn and Noble Elves!

Last week I posted a work in progress shot on a Foul Blightspawn for my Death Guard army and I managed to sort out a base for him up shortly thereafter. Here he is in all his feculent glory:

Feculus Spew is ready to spread death and decay.


The weather here in Seattle has turned pretty cold, so its not optimal priming/spraying weather. Instead, I turned to models I already had primed before the weather turned; so that means more High Elves. The army is getting pretty sizable now. I've only got to complete four cavalry models and I should have enough to play a reasonably sized game now. 

Finally finished up a command group for these spearmen. 
Then I cranked out five more Lothern Seaguard to bring that unit to a full twenty troops.
Then I added five more bowmen and a champion to bring that unit to fifteen guys. This photo is super weird. The angle
I took it at makes the bowmen appear to be shrinking. Its like if MC Escher painted Warhammer.
Finally, I did an additional five guys for the other bow unit as well as finishing a wizard who is pretty fuckin' metal.

With the cold weather, I've also spent a bunch of time assembling models. I've got some more Death Guard stuff on the way as well as a Knight Castellan. Oh, and more Imperial Fists. Of course. 


Sunday, February 3, 2019

Loyalists, Traitors and Pointy Hats!

First on deck is the first five Assault Marines for my Horus Heresy army. These cats have been a lot of work - mostly due to the fact that I think I'm hitting burn-out for painting yellow infantry. That said, I'm super happy with them. I need to get cracking on the next five. This will bring me to about 4,000 points/200 power levels for my Imperial Fists.

These guys are a mix of MKIV and MKII armors, with shields and jump packs by Kromlech.

After these cats were done, I needed a break so I turned my attention to a single model for my Death Guard army - a Foul Blightspawn. The current Death Guard are just such a treat to paint up. I've still got to work on a base for him, but he should be finished up pretty soon.

This guy is literally dripping with detail.
And I loved every nub and bolt.
I'm pretty chuffed with the painted liquid in his tank. 

I've also been nattering away on more High Elves. I've still got paint up a command group for the spearmen, but the rest are finally based and ready to go. Pretty soon I'll have to turn my attention to some more cavalry for the force.

I'll end up adding at least ten more of these cats to the army.
These stalwart spearmen patiently await a trio of heroes to lead them.

So far, I've managed to paint up about fifty models or so since January. Not too shabby, but I think I can increase my velocity some.