Sunday, February 17, 2019

Snowpocalypse = Robopocalypse

Over the last week, Seattle saw some significant snowfall and the whole city pretty much shut-down. With work cancelled and the roads clogged, I was trapped in my home with nothing to do but build and paint models. I took it as an opportunity to knock out a commission and some units for my Death Guard army.

Units of House Epidemios stand ready to assist the followers of the Plague God.

On Twitter I'd seen someone combine an AdMech Dunewalker with an Armiger and I knew I wanted to do something similar, but I'd put off doing it for a while. But my copious free time finally let me get around to it.

I wanted to vary up the appearance of the Armiger, while still maintaining its
basic rules.
I had two Armigers, and liked the idea of double chainsaw arms.
I kept the motif of skull-covered shoulder pads on both Armigers that
I'd established on the Knight.

Once I finished up the first Armiger, I decided to convert another. Originally, I tried putting the Dune Walker's hull on Armiger legs; but it was way too AT-ST for me. Also, trying to attach a buzzsaw arm really spoiled the silhouette. In the end, I decided to convert the other Armiger hull and use that.

This one is a little more "stock" but still has enough to make it unique.

Finally, my friend Chris traded me some metal Norman infantry he had laying around for assembling and painting a Knight Castellan he owned. He wanted a Knight that had served with the Titan Legio Crucius for so long that they granted their heraldry. I finally had the time to build and knock this sucker out. It was a really interesting build, considering how much they did with mirroring frames. The whole thing was only 3 sprues.

This dude is a real beast. Its massive.


I made some custom Crusius decals to scatter
across the hull.

It feels good to get these machines off the painting the queue and onto the gaming table. Hopefully, I can do the second part soon!


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  1. Those armigers rock!!!! what a superb conversión. The skulls, the painting job, absolutely gorgeous.