Sunday, February 3, 2019

Loyalists, Traitors and Pointy Hats!

First on deck is the first five Assault Marines for my Horus Heresy army. These cats have been a lot of work - mostly due to the fact that I think I'm hitting burn-out for painting yellow infantry. That said, I'm super happy with them. I need to get cracking on the next five. This will bring me to about 4,000 points/200 power levels for my Imperial Fists.

These guys are a mix of MKIV and MKII armors, with shields and jump packs by Kromlech.

After these cats were done, I needed a break so I turned my attention to a single model for my Death Guard army - a Foul Blightspawn. The current Death Guard are just such a treat to paint up. I've still got to work on a base for him, but he should be finished up pretty soon.

This guy is literally dripping with detail.
And I loved every nub and bolt.
I'm pretty chuffed with the painted liquid in his tank. 

I've also been nattering away on more High Elves. I've still got paint up a command group for the spearmen, but the rest are finally based and ready to go. Pretty soon I'll have to turn my attention to some more cavalry for the force.

I'll end up adding at least ten more of these cats to the army.
These stalwart spearmen patiently await a trio of heroes to lead them.

So far, I've managed to paint up about fifty models or so since January. Not too shabby, but I think I can increase my velocity some. 


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