Sunday, February 24, 2019

Imperial Fist Showcase

Assault Squad Atrius - 10 marines in MKIII/MKIV hybrid armor with Jump Packs and Combat Shield by Kromlech.

Wooooo-hoooo! I finally finished the assault squad for my Heresy Era Imperial Fists. They were a bunch of work - between conversions and painting each felt like two models worth of effort - and I'm super happy to be done with them. Their completion brings me to about 4,000 points/ 200 Power Levels worth of guys and now I feel like I'm ready to play some really big games of Horus Heresy. 

In celebration (?), I've tried to take some shots of the whole force together. 

The whole army ready to rumble. Tremble Traitor scum!
With a little over one hundred marines in the army - I feel like I'm done painting infantry for these guys for a little while.
My next step is to add some armored vehicles to the mix - I've got a plan for a couple of Rhinos and a Sicaran Battle Tank next on my painting queue.
"For Dorn! For Terra!! For the Emperor of Mankind!!! FORWARD!!!!"

I started this project about 18 months ago - I think its a pretty good effort considering how much other stuff I've painted in between. Onto the next chunk!



  1. They look great and you deserve particular credit for getting the yellow to look so good - I find the occasional hazard stripe hard enough!

  2. A great looking force. It's been fun seeing it come together over the past 18 months.