Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Titans of the Legio Mortis

I haven't updated in a little bit, but thought I'd share the finished models for my other Adeptus Titanicus force - an Axiom maniple of the Legio Mortis.

The Legio Mortis brings death to the enemies of the Warmaster!

I actually managed to get in a small game the other day. It was a simple meeting engagement between two scout forces and saw both sides' Warhound Titans taking a beating. The game ended with one of my Warhounds rushing a Reaver Titan just in time for its reactor to overload. The Warhound exploded for maximum damage and blew the unhurt Reaver apart as it died.

The entire maniple ready to do battle.
The Warhound Lupus Venandi. These kits are a dream to paint up. 
And Warhound Lupus Umbra. Both kits are magnetized so I can
swap out the weapons into multiple configurations. 
Next time should be some hot Horus Heresy action. Stay tuned!


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