Sunday, May 1, 2016


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Whew! I've been away for the last two weeks on an absolutely fantastic trip to Paris and London with my lovely wife. We had an amazing time - eating baguettes, drinking cafe cremes, eating fish and chips, drinking pint after pint of cider… a once in a lifetime trip. In between the scrumptious food, we saw some amazing sites. I even managed to sneak in a trip to the Musee de Armee in Paris and got a full fix of Napoleonic geekery!

Napoleon's tomb. This is how I want to buried now.
French Cuirassier. He had very little to say.
His gun is bigger than yours. No. Really.
Ah, Paris!
The days when Casual Fridays weren't a thing. Fat author for scale.
Arc de Triumph - so you know.

A trip to the British Museum to see all the plunder from around the globe!

Made me want to play SAGA again.

Trafalgar Square and a gathering storm!

Look kids, Big Ben! Parliament!

Since our arrival back to the states (and overcoming the jet-lag), I've managed to get a little hobby time in. I squeaked out the two Magus-es (Magi?) from Deathwatch: Overkill and 2 more marines. I had labored under the delusion that the marines would be easy - they are just black and silver, easy peasy right? - but I can see they are going to take me more time than I'd thought. 

I'm pinching your head!
Talk about having your hands full.
Brother Chaplain Somethingsuch. I'm sure I'll learn the names eventually.

Brother Boltgunguy.
This past weekend also saw the arrival of nice weather in Seattle, and for me that usually means terrain board building! I managed to add another 4'x4' section to my generic board so I can play on a 4'x12' if the insanity moves me to do so. I tried documenting the process, so keep an eye out for a step-by-step tutorial soonish.

Still gotta pour the resin on the second river section. Still time to ruin it!


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