Sunday, June 19, 2016

Mixed Bag 2 - The Re-Baggening

After completing a bigger project like Deathwatch:Overkill, I usually spend a little time painting random stuff that I've meant to get around to or finishing up models that I've put on the back burner. Mostly this is just to sort of clean my "palette" (see what I did there?) and mentally prepare for whatever bigger set I decide to focus on next.

Over the last two weeks I've managed to finish/start quite a few little projects. First up, for some unknown reason I decided to crack open and put paint to a Warhammer 40,000: Assault on Blackreach set that's been gathering dust for a while on top of my cabinet. I used to own a large Ork army back in the day which is now in a closet on the opposite side of the US and I kinda missed painting Orks. Lord knows why - I really don't have an interest in playing 40K in its current form. Spending a day doing taxes with a friend seems like a similar experience and you can count me out. Maybe by the next edition I'll suddenly have an Ork army again and the game will be magically fun. Who knows?

The 12 Boyz included in the set. I'll probably do one of the Deff Koptas next.
Skwad One. Such tiny units. I was used to running 20 odd-man units. I'm sure I will add to them.
Skwad Two. I had fun doing a less saturated green skin tone on these models.
Definitely gonna carry that throughout the force.

Additionally, I tidied up the last of the French Carbiniers that I purchased on eBay. They came together a treat and I am really pleased with how fast I got this unit finished. I'm also continuing to rebase my French army for Napoleonics and am about 1/2 done with the close order infantry.

So quick to do. I might have to purchasing already blocked in infantry as well.

Rounding things out, I finished a little bit of some post-apocolyptic character models that I bought a while back from Lead Adventure. I don't think these particular cats are still available anymore, sadly. But the rest of the line is such great fun. I've got some more of their models and I will probably home-brew some quick rules for a game with some friends. 

Scavengers? Mutants? Survivors? Or just afraid of what that 3 Bean Burrito will do? You decide.
And just yesterday this made its way into my pudgy little fingers:

Yep. Another boxed game.
When did this become a GW blog?! I dunno, but they've been hitting my sweet spot lately and I am super excited to get some paint on these models!


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