Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Re-Base-Ening Revolutions

My mad, mad plan to uniformly re-base my entire collection of Napoleonics onto single unit organic edged bases (detailed previously here and here) is finally done. I managed to get my last French artillery battery done this week and the current army is all on its new hotness.

My collection of Imperial French.
Just like with the Austrians, I'm super happy with the results and the whole process was well worth the effort. It wasn't especially hard, it was just time consuming and probably the least "sexy" thing you can do with your hobby time - but it really pays off in my opinion.

The French Army command base
Artillery batteries and their limbers.
No creme filling here! Bavarians lead an aggressive assault!
A wall of horseflesh. 2 squadrons of Carbiniers and 4 squadrons of Cuirassiers.
Again, the army has a little over 500 28mm models in it from various manufacturers - the Perry Twins, Old Glory, Victrix and Front Rank make the up the bulk. I'm sure I'll add to both armies in the future, but right now they are in a good place to give some big battles with a lot of variety.

French line infantry advance while some Swiss mercenaries guard the Army HQ.
More infantry! The brigadier General model in the front is entirely plastic and built from several kits.
The Old Guard Grenadiers hold the river crossing.
Skirmisher elements harass the enemy from across the river.
I'm really happy with my decision to base these units on single large plates. It's given me the chance to do some really evocative modeling on some the units that I don't feel like I could have done on smaller sub-divisions.

The sound of muskets crashes and causes the front rank to fall! Press on brave Frenchmen! Press on!
The Old Guard form a square and prepare to fight to last man!
Mein Gott! Look out for that cannonball that just came to a halt!
I was also able to add ruined artillery and assorted bric-a-brac to the bases as well.


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