Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Re-Base-Ening Re-Loaded

Back in May, I wrote a post about my plans to re-base my entire Napoleonic collection here. I had sixty some odd units to tear off their old bases and attach to new bases along with adding sand, flock and shrubs. Its taken me about 2 months doing it here and there and I've finally finished up re-basing the first army, my Austrians. The French are close behind.

Ze whole Austrian Army in eetz gloree!
I kinda went in spurts of activity on this project but I'm glad part of it is finally done. I've still got to finish up my French army, but that only entails re-basing the last of their artillery. With any luck, that should be finished next week.

The Army General's command stand.
Crack units of Grenadiers in close order and skirmishing.
Each close order infantry unit is composed of 24 men give or take a few.
These drab fellas are units of Landwher - militia type troops. They were a nice break from
painting endless off-white uniforms.
Skirmishers are represented as larger groups in my game system. They also are lot of fun to paint as the
poses are much more animated than the marching fellas.
Man, I love the look of massed ranks of troops on the march.

The whole Austrian army is a little over 500 28mm models from Victrix, Front Rank, Perry and Old Glory miniatures. I re-based 16 24-man infantry battalions, 8 cavalry squadrons, 4 artillery batteries and 4 skirmisher units. Not too bad for the time its taken me.

Each artillery unit is composed of 2 guns, crew and a limber or caisson.
More guns and a brigadier general directing them.
7 units of Hussars from Hessen-Homburg. Or The Hessen Homeboys as I like to call them.
Still gotta do one more squadron.
I think I've finally gotten to a place that really makes me happy with this army. I'm sure I will add to it in time here and there but its an accomplishment I can be proud of.



  1. Well worth the effort. Which ruleset do you use?

    1. I use a home-brew set. Closer in theme to Volley & Bayonet or Blucher. No formation changes.