Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year, New Army

Happy 2017, all!

This past week I completed a 15mm scifi army thanks to a sweet, sweet holiday break. It was nice to be able to get this project off my desk - I've got a bunch of little projects that I want to get through before diving into my Burning of Prospero set. I have a few Stormcast to paint, 2 Napoleonic ships to finish and then rig, and some French Lancers to do before I can move onto other stuff.

Rebel forces of the Mita Gottum core worlds.
This army represents a local uprising against my Zark Industries forces. The army is primarily composed of local civilians and militia, but, the rebels are supported by alien troopers and heavy hardware from the infamous Black Nova Mercenary Company. Power to the People!

Black Nova Titan Assault Unit.
Model by White Dragon Miniatures.
Mark XV Command and Control Drone.
Model by White Dragon Miniatures.
Capable of compiling data faster than a living mind,
the Drone knows what the enemy will do before they do.
A pair of APCs made from the chassis of toy tanks.
A Black Nova support squad.
Models by Khurasan Miniatures.
A strike team of mercs ready to take out hard targets.
Models by Khurasan Miniatures.
The army is primarily made up of the human populace. Here is an LMG team.
Models by Khurasan Miniatures.
A human RPG team.
Models by Khurasan Miniatures.

This force was designed to be used with a homebrew set of rules that I've been working on for generic scifi gaming. Its a less granular system that focuses more on maneuver and good command decisions rather than the specific differences in gear. My friends and I have played a handful of times, and so far its been a lot of fun. I might make the rules available on the blog in the future.

Its nice to have a pair of armies that I can square off against each other a have a cohesive story line. One of the pitfalls of 15mm scifi is that everything is so diverse that battles some times don't have a real storyline. Fortunately, these armies are so cheap that its not a huge issue to buy and paint up two opposing forces.


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