Saturday, January 28, 2017

Knight Warden marches off the Assembly Line

It is done and ready to deal hot death to tiny men across dinner tables everywhere. This is just a fantastic kit and probably the best fitting and logical build that Games Workshop has ever made. While it looks super intimidating on the sprues, this kit just goes together like a dream. I managed to get the whole thing built and painted in about a week and a half.

A noble knight of House HazArd is ready to take to the field.
Detail shot of the head.
Carapace detail. I added some comm antenna made out of florist wire.
I had wanted to mirror the pad on the opposite side, but the decals wouldn't allow it.
I was a super sad panda when I figured that out.
Detail of the chain-sword-fist-thing.
This thing is crawling with detail over every surface.

I had such a good time with building and painting this model. If you get the chance to ever work on one  I'd suggest you take it. My friend Marky let me build and paint this guy for him and I hope he has as much fun stomping his enemies as I had bringing this Knight to life.


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  1. wow¡¡¡¡ Such an amazing job. It will be the center piece in any battlefield. It inspires terror. Wonderful.