Monday, March 6, 2017

Hive Ganger Deep Space Crew Finished.

Last week was a really slow hobby week for me, at least the Monday thru Friday part. I'd just come home and flop on the couch instead of picking up a paint brush. Good for recharging, but bad for keeping hobby momentum! Thankfully, Saturday was super productive and I finished my Hive Ganger conversions.

The whole crew. Ready to rumble in the deepest Hive pit or the loneliest space dock.
I've been calling these guys Hive Gangers, but really I've been more imagining them as a rag-tag group of deep space miners/scrappers. Maybe they prospect for ore on rogue asteroids or hunt for archeotech aboard derelict starships in an interstellar Sargasso Sea. In any case, the ship's locker has plenty of weapons and they are more than ready to duke it out with anyone who gets in the way of earning a living!

This is The Foreman. He heads up any missions and gets the choicest of gear.
Bubba is the grenadier. For when things need to go "BOOM!"
Stubs is the heavy weapon operator.
Sarge is the chief of security.
Spud is the other security officer. He just joined to meet girls.
The real muscle is the mining servitor. I imagine it to be a lower tech Dreadnought - no where near as mobile but just
as crushey.

This was a fun little project that I spent waaaay too much time on. I'll be glad to not be painting Genestealer Neophyte bodies for a while, I think. Next on deck is to work on some Chaos cultists for these guys to fight.



  1. Fab work. Can I ask what you knocked the cargo dreadnought together out of?

  2. It's a Soviet walker from the Dust game range. I built the loader hand from scraps, and the rest is just bits glued on.

  3. Thanks. I was intending to do something similar with a left over Warmachine Jack and you've convinced me to have a crack.

  4. Looks great, love the creativity

  5. great work, both the conversions and the paint. The puppets war heads really turned out nicely, particularly the "hard hat" one.