Saturday, February 25, 2017

More Like Necro-FUN-da, Amirite?

Hive gangers battle it out with a Genestealer Cult
Necromunda is one of those iconic Games Workshop products that takes me back to my college years and always brings a grin to my face. Its not to say the game doesn't have a lot of warts, but by its very nature it created great stories and a real sense of immersion and attachment. Its been 22 years since the game was released and I can still remember those games vividly - my roommate planning a death-from-above attack with a grav-chute equipped ganger, getting so many Juves from Settlements that I could field 21 guys in my gang, so many memories.  

I wasn't aiming to exactly recreate the original buildings that came with Necromunda - more just the feeling of them.
The catwalks are just plasticard with plastic mesh glued on top. The plastic mesh is used for lining
the bottom of flower pots.
I finished up a small set of scenery that I built using some of the original plastic bulkheads that had come into my possession. The buildings and catwalks are made from scrap plasticard and were painted with lots of staining and dry-brushing. With some of the other 40k buildings I've made, I can cover most of a 4'x4' table. I'm looking forward to trying out some skirmish gaming on it. 

Adding some of my scatter terrain really ties it all together.
One thing I'd suggest to anyone is to vary up the colors on buildings. All grey or gunmetal
cityscapes are boring and un-realistic.

Next on deck is finishing up some my Hive gangers and then a small coven of Chaos cultists.


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