Saturday, April 15, 2017

Keep On Trukking!

Honk! Honk!
I put the final touches on my first Ork Trukk kit and I think its ready to hit the tabletop. I really like the look of this model, but I found the build to be really odd. A lot of the model stays together through tension and it feels super fragile for a gaming piece. My army needs a second Trukk transport at least, and I'm giving thought to looking for some other kit to construct it. That'd tie nicely into the feel of the Ork's non-standard nature and solve my issues with not really looking forward to building a second one of these. Maybe a converted Taurox kit would be in order? I'll have to look around.

Sans Boyz
I love the ramshackle look- just not the engineering!
Plenty of room for the kids and groceries!
Detail of the ram plate.
Love the Car-Toons feel of the driver's head. But he was kinda a bitch to fit into the cab. Again, weird fragile build.
Look, of course the Big Shoota gunner needs a chainsword - what if he runs out of bullets?!



  1. Nice! I agree with them being a pain to build - after the first one, the rest of mine have moved firmly to the back of my Ork build queue. Could your Orks loot a Taurox?

  2. I'd probably just use the Taurox as the basis for a conversion and count it as a Trukk.

  3. Looks good. Many people I've talked too seem to really like the feel of how it's put together, saying it feels like an ork designed it. As to what you're asking, I've looked at 1:35 German half-track models as replacements, kitted out with all the proper gubbinz.