Sunday, April 30, 2017

Nerdcation Part 2 - All Around the Warhammer World!

After the fun that was Salute, I trekked across the wilderness to the untamed North of Nottinghamshire in search of my next quest - a trip to Games Workshop Headquarters and a tour of Warhammer World. I fell in love with Nottingham on this trip - such a walkable and interesting city. I met some online friends in the real world, made some amazing new ones and experienced a proper English pub and tackled a Sunday Roast. Sadly, I couldn't conquer all the roast; but like a good American I finished all the beef and left mostly only vegetables remaining!

Stomach full, the next day I set out to Warhammer World!

The Bunker where all the magic happens!
One of Sigmar's own guards the car park.
Some Ultramarines of the Second Company have arrived before me and taken the best parking spot!
Some ugly jerk in the entrance to Warhammer World. I mean, that marine IS ugly!
The gaming hall at Warhammer World.
I thought this was pretty cool - but what was to come put it to shame.
I'd have loved to be playing on this as a kid!
This is the kind of table to play Shadow War on!
Pure toy soldier porn.
So tall!
The exhibition begins with a retrospective of Warhammer models. This is the little box that started it all for me.
I still wish I had my copy!!!!
This lovely diorama was by the man John Blanche himself.
The Warhammer Quest diorama that you could spend hours looking at.
Undead vs Wood Elves by Mike McVey.
Horus against the Emperor - another McVey classic!
Genestealers against the Deathwing - noticing a pattern of who was doing these?
A Thunderbolt ready to launch long before there was a  model of one. Dave Andrews if memory serves me.
The cathedral in The Rock by Mike McVey
I remember the step-by-step of this in White Dwarf, but the artist escapes me.

This conquistador v Lizardmen diorama always thrilled me.
For the Lady and Honour!
Then, it was onto the main exhibition. The first part dealt with Age of Sigmar in all its glory.

All my games look like this. Don't yours? Hahahaha!
Stormcast hold the bridge to nowhere!
Love the floating island here.
Such a massive display really gave me scope for the new game.
Orruks march to war!
Battling it out with filthy Sylvanth!
I really like how a lot of the displays incorporated natural elements. 
Dwarves vs Skaven in the depths of the world. This one was hard to photograph because it had so many cut-throughs and little vignettes, but it was amazing.
Check out that glowing orb in the Skaven tunnels.
More Clanrats march to war.
As Dwarf miners try to find a way around them.
Slayers hold the bridges, pushing the Skaven back.
This display was perfection in style and color harmony. Every element was distinct and worked together.

Papa Nurgle's forces march to spread woe and despair!
And more vileness pours forth!
Amazing stuff!

Next, I proceeded to the far future of Warhammer 40,000 - but I'll save that for part 3!



  1. Top stuff. I remember my mates and I running round the exhibit halls like we were 12 years old again (despite all being around the 30 mark)!

    We all walked away reinvigorated with our hobby and I hope you was to.

  2. It was a really inspiring trip all around. I couldn't wait to get home and start painting!