Saturday, July 22, 2017

Imperial Fists: Part 2: Up To My Elbows

I'm up to two squads of Intercessors and two characters.

My Imperial Fists project is chugging along reliably. I finished up another squad of Intercessors and a Primaris Ancient (the guy with the banner) and its all starting to feel like a real force now. I have a nice, somewhat simple, recipe for yellow and have mastered the use of Microsol on the Forgeworld transfers I'm using (Protip - always use a layer of Gloss varnish or 'Ard Coat on the area you're going to put the transfer on FIRST. Trust me.) so things are kind of skating along.

Primaris Ancient with the 5th Company Standard.

I really enjoyed working on the Ancient and the standard was just a ton of fun to do. Anyone following me on Twitter or Facebook would have seen an in-progress shot where I used a smaller fist transfer at first. I was really unhappy with it, but the larger decal was just a little too big to fit. I decided to tackle it again when I saw a friend had cut out just the fist for the banner of his Crimson Fists. I kicked myself for not doing something so obvious the first time, and a trimmed decal and a white field gave me exactly what I was looking for.

Another unit of Intercessors. I really, really like the new armor design for MK X armor but it will be fun
to do something new in a bit.
Additionally, I've been working on some scenic stuff. First up was a couple of tractors from the Galvanic Servohaulers set. These are just awesome little kits and they had been sitting on the sidelines due to my Imperial Fists, but it was a nice break from painting yellow. I've still got to tackle the crane, hopefully soon.

Toot! Toot! I went with a nice farm red as it is also reminiscent of the Ad Mech's color scheme.

Sunny weather and summer in Seattle (for the very short time it lasts) also means that its time for some more battle boards. Last weekend, I did some priming and added sand to a couple of boards for my ash waste set; and this weekend I finished them off. I've tried to bring in some more color to the boards by adding ferrus-tainted river section. The banks of the river can also be removed and used as a hill section. Now I've 10' of this board to use (including 4' of Chaos hells cape) so I think I can ease off this project for a long while.

Now things pop a little more and the "river" can be bridged with some of the industrial terrain.

Just a cool shot.

I'm sure this summer will see me building some more scenery - I'm just not sure what, yet. In the meantime, I've got another Lieutenant and a squad of Hellblasters to work on for the Imperial Fists.


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