Sunday, July 30, 2017

Imperial Fists: Part 3: Five Fingers of Death!

For The Emperor! For Dorn! For the Imperial Fists!
My Imperial Fists are rapidly approaching a playable size and I've almost completed all the models that come in the Dark Imperium starter set. This week, I managed to grind through the Hellblaster squad, the second Primaris Lieutenant, and my Captain in Gravus Armor. All that remains for me to do are the jump-pack equipped Inceptors and I'll be ready to play!

Ready to blast some hell! I'm looking forward to using these cats after playing against them.
Primaris Lieutenant reporting for duty!
I really dig the Forge World transfers.
I enjoyed painting the white and red stripes on the helmets.
My Captain in Gravus Armor - this guy painted up super quick.
This model has just the right balance of detail and open surfaces. A real joy to paint.

Additionally, I took the plunge and tried designing my own transfers for the squad markings on the regular Marine's right shoulder pads. I got the transfer paper reasonably cheap on Amazon so I figured it was worth trying. I was amazed at the results. Now I don't have any excuse to not properly mark any units in the future. But its kind of the Space Marine army I've wanted since I was a kid!

Yep. Blinggasm. Quite a name. But only about $10.
I then designed the squad markings in Photoshop and printed them
out on my inkjet printer. Once dry, I gave it three separate
coats of spray gloss varnish and we were good to go!
Then it was simply a matter of applying the transfers like I would usually.
Gloss coat on the pad, soak in water, apply with Microsol.
Then it was a simple matter of applying them to whole army!

Hopefully, over the course of this week I can finish up the Inceptors and then I'll have enough Primaris Imperial Fists to play a decent game!


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