Monday, May 29, 2017


Back in April I made this post about painting up a set of AD&D Grenadier models that I had once owned in my youth. I got about half way through the box and stalled a little, but this past weekend I made the time to sit down and finish the entire group. That probably sounds more impressive than it is - the whole thing was only nine models!

Anyway, without further ado; here is the completed set of Grenadier model's set #2004 Hirelings from 1981:

A few stout arms and strong backs to carry out the loot from a successful dungeon exploration!
A halfling torch-bearer, a lantern-bearer and a "potion tester" according to the box insert. "Potion Tester" sounds like
the shittest job in D&D. I had to buy the lantern-bearer twice as the first one I found suffered from horrendous lead-rot and just couldn't be salvaged. 
Casualty-bearer, a generic guy with a backpack, and another gent ready to spike a door closed. As a kid, I had no idea what that third figure was doing - I just kinda assumed the hammer and spike were a ray-gun or something. 

And that's it - a little bit of my childhood reclaimed. Not enough to make me a normal person, I'm sure; but it was a fun little project and I'm glad I did it. Now if I can get a copy of Ral Lord of the Balrogs that might help me a little more.


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