Saturday, May 6, 2017

Shadow War Scenery

Shadow War Armageddon ready to rumble.
Over the course of this week, I assembled and painted up the scenery that comes with GW's Shadow War Armageddon set. Its really cracking stuff - highly detailed and able to be assembled in a myriad of ways. The only downside to the kit was the instructions - they were a mess of mis-numbered part numbers and really could have used a last editing pass - but everything seemed to go together in a logical way and its not like building the set wrong won't still give you an awesome and unique set up.

I tried to keep the kit as modular as possible so I can vary the set-up.
I used tiles from Dust Tactics for a board to lay the scenery out on.
Once again, I tackled the bulk of the paint work with spray cans and drybrushing. After assembly, I primed everything black and once that was dry I spray painted everything with Rustoleum Aged Bronze (a near identical match to GW's Leadbelcher). The next step was to drybrush GW Trollslayer Orange and Vallejo Jade Green randomly across the structure. A final highlight of GW Runefang Silver was then drybrushed all over to tie the room together.

I like to vary up colors so the board isn't so monotone.
Love all the little details they've added across all this stuff.
The "painted" areas of yellow or green were painted by stippling (dotting the paint) the color on, giving a worn chipped look. No special salts or brushes needed! Finally, rust streaks were added with a small brush using thinned down P3 Brown Ink. Easy peasy.

Regardless of the rest of the kit, this piece sold me.
More Skulls! Hang those who say "less"! More I say! More!
In the meantime, I'm adding some more Orks to my 40k army in anticipation of the new edition. I'm super excited for the changes coming down the pipe.


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