Sunday, May 22, 2016

Mixed Bag

Unfortunately this week has been a bit slow hobby-wise. I thought I'd take the time to show off some recently finished scenic pieces that I've purchased. I picked up the Dragonfate Dias from GW's new Age of Sigmar line a while back. It was available at a steep discount locally and I figured that for the price it would at least service as a nice piece of generic fantasy if nothing else. I'd read reviews of the new scenery online that were less than glowing, but the set I purchased was really well cast and went together very easily. I was really pleased with the level of detail on the model and it painted up with simple spray paints, dry brushing and washes like a dream.

The scenics manage to be really AoS appropriate AND
generic at the same time. I think that
adds a lot to their versatility.
The spooky blood pool at the bottom of the dais was
a lot of fun to do. Just a little gloss varnish went
a long way.
Having really enjoyed assembling and painting the Dragonfate Dias, I rolled the dice a second time and ordered a set of Realmgates off Amazon. Again, I experienced smooth assembly and no real warping of the plastic. These kits painted up nicely with a nominal amount of effort - just the way I like it!

While less multi-use than the dais, the Realmgates are really interesting
bits of scenery and really add to gameplay in AoS
My next scenery projects are getting some nice resin tombs from Skull Forge Scenics and several buildings from Escenorama painted up. Stay tuned for that eventually. I really need to get Deathwatch:Overkill done first.

On that side of things I now have 6 of the 11 Deathwatch team members painted. The models are really well sculpted and crackling with detail, but I've found it hard to get as excited about doing them as I was about the Genestealers. What I get for 30 odd years of painting Marines I guess.

Somebody order some pain? Probably my favorite model in the set.
Beep boop. I am a robit. 
Looking forward to yelling "SKRAAAAAW!" when playing the
game with this guy.
Woof! Woof! How does that hair fit under a helmet?
Yep. He's got a bolt gun. Still a really characterful sculpt, though.
Nothing keeps the faith like a bolt to the head.
With a little luck, I might be able to get the Blood Angel Marine from the team done tonight. Who'm I kidding? With new Game of Thrones, Fear the Walking Dead, and Preacher on tonight I will end up needing a LOT of luck.


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