Saturday, June 11, 2016

Deathwatch:Overkill Fully Painted

Today I put the final touches on my models for my copy of Deathwatch: Overkill. 52 models in a little less than 3 months. I really enjoyed the trip and its always super satisfying to complete this type of project. I like painting box set games as they have a nice finality to them once all the models are painted.  Seeing as Rob has been busy getting his scenery business up and running (pffft… what an EXCUSE!!!) it looks like I've won our friendly challenge. In any case, I hope he manages to get his copy of Dreadfleet fully painted soon.

Family Photo!
I ended up using bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures and they really helped speed things up. I found the model bases from them had an excess of build lines from the 3D masters, but in the end I am still very happy with the look and building all 52 bases would have been needlessly time consuming.

I LOVE these models most of all. I may try to get some more just to paint.
These models just drip evil. In a good way.
All the specialist units for the Genestealer side.
I also need to own and paint some more of these monstrosities.
Even the vanilla Genestealers in this set were really nice.
The nefarious masterminds hard at work.
Battle Bros for life.
Battle Bros before Stealo's.
Last but not least.
I'm looking at picking up a copy of Warhammer Quest: The Silver Tower soon, so that will probably be my next big project. In the meantime, I've some scenery work to do and a 15mm scifi army to knock out and my Napoleonic basing project continues. So, I've still got plenty to do in the future. Hope everyone has enjoyed following along as I finished Deathwatch:Overkill.


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