Sunday, December 11, 2016

Crimson Fists Complete!

Stand proud, noble Sons of Dorn!
When I made the decision to paint the Orks for the Assualt on Blackreach set and step back into the universe of Warhammer 40.000, I knew I'd eventually get around to painting the Space Marines in the box. Space Marines are like potato chips - you can never have just one. I've owned several armies of the big armored lunks over the years, but my last was a force of Crimson Fists that is sitting  in cases somewhere back in New Jersey. I did bring a couple of the tanks with me to the West Coast, so I figured I'd just add some models to them and BLAMMO! - new army. Working on these guys made me nostalgic for my college days, when I and my roommates would cobble together stray Space Marines into a new army to spring on one another over the course of a week. Fun times.

Force Commander Hektor Ibanez
Squad Koteas - Terminators of the 1st Company
Squad Matias
Squad Alejandro

I've always liked the Crimson Fists. From their appearance on the cover of the original Rogue Trader rulebook, to their penchant for doomed defenses of lost causes, to the simplicity of their color scheme: they are what I think of when I hear the words "Space Marines". The Spanish naming conventions of the Crimson Fists also drew me in - it added a little more dimension to 40k than just everything thing being fake space-Latin. 

The Land Raider is always a centerpiece for a Marine army.
I added a bunch of freehand work on this guy back in the day. 
I didn't do the interior on this one for reasons I can't remember now.
Always loved the AdMech insignia on the engine cowl.

I don't think I'll add much more to the force. Right now its a nice little army to introduce friends who want to try 40k out or to play games in an evening with. I don't foresee adding Drop-pods, Assault Marines, Attack Bikes, et all to these guys anytime soon in the future. It does feel really good to have these models finished and not just languishing on sprues taking up space in my cabinet. Now they can take up space elsewhere, I guess. :)

Man, that's an old Rhino chassis; huh? And with a metal turret and extra armor bits, it weighs a ton.
Ancient Brother Rodrigo rounds out the army.

I'm also making some progress on my new 15mm Scifi army, I'll post some shots of those soon.


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