Saturday, January 21, 2017

Goliath Rockgrinder Done! Imperial Knight Begun!

I apologize in advance for the low quality of the photos in this post - I just didn't make enough time this week to get proper shots like I wanted to. That being said, I managed to finish up my Goliath Rockgrinder finished up and I'm super chuffed with how it turned out. It was a nice cap to my Genestealer Cult project.

All aboard!
I think the orange suits really tie the room all together, man.
Just when I thought I was done with hybrid neophytes - 5 MORE!
Love the dude about to huck a bundle of dy-NO-might!

I also started work on an Imperial Knight kit. Ever since it was released, I've been itching to paint one of these big goons; but despite that I seem to paint a bunch of 40K I actually rarely PLAY the game - so justifying the price tag to myself was a little tough to do. Turns out, my buddy Marky had purchased the Imperial Knight Renegade set and had two of these guys hanging around. He generously allowed me to paint and assemble one of his - so hopefully this gets it out of my system.

The kit assembles fast - I managed to get this far in less time than painting the Goliath.

When I started the build, I wanted to spray the whole thing a metallic color as base to start from. I knew Games Workshop made a Leadbelcher spray - but at $20 there was no way I was buying it from them. Thankfully, having worked on the professional side of the hobby, I know that all the major hobby brands are subcontracted out and that there HAD to be a comparable color available at my local hardware store. After a little sniffing about, I settled on "Aged Bronze" from Rust-oleum. Sprayed on after a black primer, the color was virtually indistinguishable from Leadbelcher.

Cost all of $5.
The main chassis sprayed and dry brushed with Runefang Steel. DONE.
Going for a sort of Howling Griffons classic color scheme.
All the detail on this model is just lovely.

So work will continue apace on the Imperial Knight for this week. Feeling good about getting him done by next weekend.



  1. Nice short cut - it's produced excellent results.

  2. That Rock grinder ended up looking the business!!

  3. that Rockgrinder totally rocks!!!!
    I love it too and it will be mine someday soon.