Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Mixed Bag 15: Paper and Iron

Progress on my own projects has seemed laborious the last few weeks, so I haven't had too much to post it seems. I have been doing some painting and crafting, though - just feels like I'm doing odds and ends lately. Much of my time has been taken up with making paper miniatures for my Dungeons and Dragons group. I kinda fell down the rabbit hole making these.

My group is playing as a pious, yet eclectic, group of Witch Hunters on the prowl smiting Evil!

This was all in service of creating a set of floor plans to allow them to explore the ruins of a three level keep. Like I said, I fell down a rabbit hole - but it was a ton of fun. 

Exploring the first level.
Heading up to level two!
Skeleton Attack!
It all culminated in a boss-fight with a terrible Wraith!

I also created a series of quick print packs that are up for sale on Each pack is designed to give you a mini-army. Print as many or as few as you could ever need! There is an Undead Attack! Pack!!, an Orc Attack! Pack!! and one for a horde of gobbos in the Goblin Attack!Pack!!

In the world of three dimensional miniatures, I painted up some stuff for my buddy Chris as a trade. He generously gave me some more Halflings from the Westfalia line he had laying about for some quick paint jobs on a pair of Armiger Helverns and a Rhino for his Iron Warriors.

I painted these up in House Krast livery to match his other units.
The Minotaur insignia are for the Great Battalion that Chris' force belongs to.
I ended up doing the insignia on the top hatch freehand after
screwing up the decal several times.

All in all, a weird mix the last few weeks. 


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