Saturday, October 1, 2016

Enter the Tzaangors and a Knight Questor!

The last 2 weeks have been a little slow for me, painting-wise. The final group of minions from the Silver Tower I had to finish up were the Tzeentch Beastmen, the Tzaangors. I knew these models were going to take me longer than all the others and boy howdy was that true. When I first saw the Tzaangors previewed, my inner 13-year old fat kid squealed with delight and it came out of my 43-year old fat guy mouth. The Tzaangors are just a super unique set of sculpts for a concept that's deserved it for long, long time and I was slightly intimidated about making sure that I did them justice.

Family shot! Or just 3 and you've had too much whiskey.
The wacky tentacle dreadlocks were a nice way to bring in some extra color.
I think the two-handed weapon guys were my favorite sculpts of the set.
Not making chicken noises when these guys are on the board is going to be practically impossible.

The Tzaangor are very intricate sculpts and were time-consuming to paint. I ended up painting each model on its own rather than as an assembly line and it slowed me down considerably. Each pair was unique enough that I did a test model and by that point I was half done the group. As a final thought, I will say that the assembly breakdowns of the Tzaangors felt a little needlessly complex and frail at a points. A friend who breaks models down for sprue casting described them as "GW just showing off at this point". They were much less "plug and play" than the rest of the set for only a slight gain in sculpting in my opinion.

I also finished up the first Hero from the Silver Tower - the Knight Questor. I will say one thing for the Stormcast Eternals - they are super fun and fast to paint. I wanted to continue momentum on the project so I chose the Hero that I knew would be quickest to finish.

He has the Power!
I am aiming to host a game of Silver Tower in Mid-October, so I'm trying to plan out what kind of time I need to budget to accomplish the goal of a fully painted set by then. On deck I have the Darkoath Chieftain, the Exemplar Warpriest and the Fyreslayer. Hopefully I can grind those fellas out quick so I have more time on the Aelf models, the Ogroid Thamaturge and of course, The Gaunt Summoner. Wish me luck!


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