Saturday, October 8, 2016

More Heroes for Silver Tower and The Gaunt Summoner!

I'm in the home stretch of finishing all the models in Warhammer Quest Silver Tower! Now that these three heroes and the Gaunt Summoner finished, I've only got a handful of models left to paint. Unfortunately, they are probably the most complicated models in the set - the Mistweaver Saih, the Tenebrael Shard and the Ogroid Thamaturge. Next weekend I'm hosting a get together to play the game, so it'll be a race against the Devil to get everything finished. I find that a hard deadline really motivates to keep working on a project and I need it at this point. I've got some projects lined up that I really want to get cracking on, but I need to finish Silver Tower first.

It's like Charlie's Angels, but with less hair and more Chaos.
First up is the Darkoath Chieftain. This guy is your quintessential Conan-type barbarian and was one of the models that really got me excited about the new editon. He's a huge step up from the old barbarians in Heroquest and the original Warhammer Quest. He painted up fairly quickly and is ready to cut a bloody swath through the Gaunt Summoner's minions.

"What is best in life?!?!"
Next on deck is the Excelsior Warpriest. "Excelsior" makes me want to say it in a Stan Lee impersonation, but I'll try not too do it too often for this True Believer. It is nice to see Games Workshop broadening the ethnicities of models rather than just scifi and fantasy worlds inhabited by English white people. It also gives me the opportunity to paint a variety of flesh tones and was a nice change up.

"Stop! Hammer -time."
I then grabbed the Excelsior War Priest's Demigryph side-kick to work on. For all the changes in Warhammer over the years, for some reason I've never been able to warm to the idea of the Demigryphs - I can't really articulate what makes me rebel against the idea, I just do. But the Warpriest's little bird-dog has me opening up to the concept. It was a fun little model to paint.

Talk about a Bird Dog.
The Fyreslayer Doomseeker is my first foray into Games Workshop's new Dwarf aesthetic, and I have to say that I like them a lot. The Fyreslayers have a kind of Aztec-meets-Norse feel to me that I find new and interesting.  This is a color palette that I don't usually use and it was fun to flex my painting muscles on something new. I'm not sure about how successful the protruding "brands" across the flesh of the model are - I like the idea, but it makes them a little busier visually than I think I like.

He's so hot.
Finally, I managed to get the game's main villain done - The Gaunt Summoner. He was a really interesting model to assemble from a technical standpoint. He went together super easily and logically. I was more concerned with how frail the model is and worried about breakage as I separated him from the sprue. In the end, I just took my time and it went more smoothly than I had anticipated. He was a ton of fun to paint and I'm really happy with the results.

"I must crush these mortal champions in time to star in Pan's Labyrinth Part 2!"
Wish me luck in finishing the last three models over the course of the next week.


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