Saturday, March 18, 2017

Chaos Cultists of Dan-A-Thos

This week sees me finishing up another small 40K skirmish force. This time its the nomadic Dan-A-Thos cult who wander the ash wastes in search of victims. They are reinforced by the presence of one of Lorgar's faithful, a traitor marine of the Word Bearers. Now the whole crew is ready to spread the good news about the Gods of Chaos door-to-door.

Have you heard the Good Word about the Powers of Chaos?
These models are all primarily from the Dark Vengeance starter kit and most are simple plug-and-play models with a few that had their heads chopped off and swapped with a buddy. I think the most complex assembly was the Chaos Marine, who was easy to put together but had a lot of noodley bits to paint.

Kurzaad Clav of the Word Bearers.
Cult Leader
I gave the heavy weapon guy a new head - I just wasn't feeling
the original.
The melee component of the cult.
The vast majority of the cult are equipped for long range fighting.
The two crews ready to rumble!
Again, I really like the idea of exploring the smaller side of 40k, where one Chaos Space Marine is a highly dangerous foe and capable of influencing a whole uprising. In a similar vein, I'm super excited by the upcoming release of Shadow War: Armageddon. I hope its as much fun as I remember!


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