Sunday, December 17, 2017

Necromunda Board Complete!

While I've had a bunch of projects on my desk lately, one of the major things that I've been working on is completing enough Sector Mechanicus terrain to fill a 4'x6' table with Hive World scenery.

This is basically the Necromunda table that I've wanted since the game first came out in the 90s.

I've still got some stuff to do and add here and there, but for the most part the board is totally playable now. Almost half of the kits used were purchased by my buddy Marky, who has been a huge help and motivator to get this project done.

A genestealer cult pushes across the sludge river.
The mining crew confronts a pair of cultists on the gantry.
Miners, cultists and genestealers collide in battle!
The Foreman squares off against the Word Bearers champion. It doesn't look good.
Close combat cultists ambush an Abberant? Who's got the drop on who?
More genestealer cultists lay down cover fire.
These guys are still ready to fight!
More cultists are ready to pounce!
Another view of the battlefield. 

Besides the Sector Mechanicus stuff, I also added some of the new ST Ryza-Pattern Ruin kits into this set up. I really like those kits as well - moreso because they aren't covered in skulls and eagles and you get a fair amount for $30US. Well worth it and usable across a bunch of scifi settings.



  1. WOW!

    That looks amazing. Congrats on a job well done.

  2. Awesome job. It´s inspiring. I´m sure you spent a lot of time working in that amazing battle field.
    Enjoy and play a lot!!!

  3. A fantastic set up! It's brilliant that you've fulfilled a dream that you've nurtured since the 90s - happy gaming!