Saturday, June 30, 2018

High Elf Army

This week sees me putting the final nail in the 1000 points of my High Elf army for Warhammer Fantasy Battle 6th edition. I plan on expanding the army, but I'll probably try to get a few games in and squeeze in some other projects before expanding it.

The army in all its glory.

I'm really happy with how this all turned out, and the whole project has been a great mix of old and new sculpts to work on. 

The commander model is a classic Jes Goodwin sculpt. I love the balance here of elegant elf-y-ness with an almost
Celtic barbarian-ness.
On the other end of the spectrum is this High Elf mage who takes advantage of every modern part separation trick
to create a wildly dynamic model.
A unit of Lothern Sea Guard, which is one of the best sculpted incarnations
I think GW has produced.
These Sword Masters of Hoeth are great rendition of otherwise classic designs. 
This archer unit brings back some more classic sculpts by Jes and the plastic guys just have a special place in my
cold, black heart.
And the Reavers... well... we love the Reavers anyway...

So there it is. My little host is ready to march to war - against some invading goblins and their ilk, it looks like. Blow the horns of war and make ready your swords! We seek our glory or our doom!


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