Sunday, June 3, 2018

Guns, Dorfs and Elfs!

The last two weeks have been a really eclectic painting line up for me. I managed to knock out some long-waiting kits and start on some others that have been sitting on the periphery of my painting queue. Adding a second Vindicator to my Imperial Fists was the first project that came all together. I've always intended to do a siege warfare theme for them and this ties that up in a bow. I've now got a little over 3,000 points to play with and I'm itching to get some more games in with these guys.

Beeeeg Badda-Boom. Two of these in a big game should give my opponent serious headaches. I almost considered three, but that just felt over the top. 

Next in line was a Grundstock Gunhauler for my Kharadron Overlords. I had gotten the model with a "Start Collecting" Box and had put it on the back burner as I wasn't too impressed with its rules. However, the scuttlebutt around the Games Workshop page tells me that the Overlords are seeing an across the board points decrease, so I'm sure I'll need it to fill out some new room in my army.

Another fun kit for this army. If nothing else, it'll be good support for my Frigate.
I'll say this for the Gunhauler - its got a lot of balls.
Cannon balls.
Finally, something of an oddity jumped into the front of the paint queue this week. I had the High Elf contents of an Isle of Blood box sitting in my cabinet forever, and I've finally decided to start painting them. Long ago, I owned a High Elf army for Warhammer Fantasy Battle and loved them dearly but time and tide have seen those models off to greener pastures. The plastic Isle of Blood models are the ultimate rendition of that old line in my opinion and I've wanted to paint them for a while.

A unit of Lothern Seaguard in progress. I've still got to do the Champion, Musician and Standard Bearer to finish them.
I also scoured eBay and found these original plastic High Elf archers, which I have an
inordinate amount of nostalgic love for.

When I started this project, I wasn't really sure what game I would base the High Elves for; but a buddy is working on a Goblin army that he was basing for classic Fantasy Battle so I decided to go that route. After some discussion we settled on using the 6th Edition rules for Warhammer as it was hands down my favorite edition and there is a lot of stuff available for it online for dirt cheap. We are both trying to  focus on armies that are going to give a fun, close game; rather than world crushing army lists. My hope is to capture some of the old school feeling of Warhammer where it was a story-telling device rather than a competition game. I'm aiming to have a 1000 pt list done in the next month or so. Wish me luck!



  1. Excellent work on the High Elves - love the colour choices. I’ve a High Elf that will one day see the light of day again.

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