Sunday, July 10, 2016

Escenorama Ruins Project - The Beginning

Before jumping into working on my copy of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, I've decided to first try and complete a terrain set I purchased a few months ago from a Spanish company called Escenorama. I've been itching play some Mordhiem or Frostgrave and was looking for quick way to get some scenery done. Escenorama's Damaged Village set fit the bill perfectly, so I spent a little bonus money that I'd fallen into and held my breath since I was ordering from a company I'd never dealt with before. Happily, everything about the process was handled efficiently and smoothly.

A village in a box
My order took a little over a month to arrive and everything was well packed and bagged and there seemed to be no damage at all. The sculpts are nice and chunky and have a bit of a cartoonish feel - but I really don't mind that aesthetic. The resin quality seems well done, with slight warpage on a couple of pieces.
Everything in the set is modular and intended to help you build a variety of stuff.
Lower floor sections.
A nice selection of open and closed windows
Some cool doors.
Love me some barricades!
I was really happy opening everything up and over the course of inspecting everything I think I ended up getting a really good product for the price point. I'd put the sculpts and casting on par with Acheson Creations resin buildings, but not quite up to the level of Grand Manner. The ability to fill up the table with scenery this fast is also a big selling point for me.

The first thing I did was clean everything up with a good dunk in soapy water to help get rid of any lingering mould release agents still on the resin. As a test piece, I did a quick paint up of one of the barricade pieces. I undercoated it with a brown Krylon spray paint, then dusted it with a light coat of grey spray primer. Everything else was drybrushing and washes. I'm pretty satisfied with the effect for how little effort it took. Now its all a matter of assembling and painting the rest!

Hold zem! Hold zem here!! I love me some scatter terrain.
I've also been plugging away on my Assault on Blackreach Orks, managing to get the Warboss, Nobs and the first Deffcopta done. I also found 8 more Orks hiding in the boxed set - which when painted will bring the units up to 10 men. I had originally thought there were only two 6-man Boyz skwads and was really skeptical of their functionality based on old 40k knowledge. As far as I'd known, anything less than 10 Orks in a unit was a waste of time. I'm glad to have more models to act as a base to expand the size of the units later on.

Waagh, da Boss.
Finished up Nobz Mob.
Dopenob. Not the biggest fan of this one.
Git to da choppa!!!
Tried creating a spiraled Tim Burton Bomb on the nose.
These things are crawling with detail. Still gotta do two more!
That's it for now.


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