Sunday, July 3, 2016

This Is Going To Be Big...

… I can feel it.

I swear, this guy rolled around in a skeleton unit before coming to battle.
So. Much. Bone to paint.
I finally finished up the work on what will probably be my final model for my Age of Sigmar Khornate army - a giant Cygor. One of the things I really enjoy about AoS is the open-ended army building it offers. If I like a model; I can buy it, paint it and then use it - pretty much no questions asked.

The Cygor adds some muscle, ranged attack and anti-wizard strength that I deperately need and think fits well thematically with the army. When I built the kit, I ended up using the Gorgon head because I thought it was so much cooler.

In order to tie him into my army, I carved a Khorne
symbol into his forehead and then carried a
red color scheme throughout.
Cygors are supposed to be one-eyed, so I settled for painting
him with a blind left eye.

Needs more cow-bell!

I'm super chuffed with how he came out and he's a great centerpiece to my army.

Blood for the Blood God!


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