Sunday, February 11, 2018

More Gangers Set to Explore the Under Hive

In April of last year while I was at Salute, I picked up a couple of blister packs from Lead Adventure's Astropolis line and had every intention of painting them up immediately. Welp, nearly 10 months later and I've only now gotten around to laying color onto them. D'oh!

These are really fun models and with Necromunda being the latest hotness, I'll use them as part of my Salvage Crew Hive Scummers. 
First up are a pair of the ship's crew - Initiate Boslo and Iron 'Ed. I'll probably end up
counting these cats as Juves - that'll be a good reason if they seem undersized to GW sculpts.
I really dig all the little gribblies on these models. They make them feel "lived
in" and a part of something bigger.
My cybernetic contingent will consist of Bacotron 9000 and Karlborg P-34.
I figure Bacotron can be a stand-in for the upcoming "pets" and Karlborg…
well I don't even know what the hell is going on with Karlborg. Are those car
batteries for hands? 
Finally here is Skull Head-13, some kind of combat servitor. The core
of the model is a leftover Sector Mechanicus skull crane, with an Ork Killa Kan arm
and pair of melta gun arms from a Contemptor dreadnought.
I love the little power socket in the back. Once the rules for "Brutes" are
released for Necromunda my plan is to use this guy as a stand-in
for one. 
I had a ton of fun doing these guys. I really love how they capture the wacky yet nightmarish feel of the 40K universe and they are perfect additions to kind of projects. Also, in less sexy news; I finished up a set of Bulkhead doors I bought as an expansion for Necromunda. These combined with what I have and the two Ryza Pattern Ruins I have should allow me to damn near create my own Zone Mortalis board. I just need to create some cool corner pieces to join them up. Efforts are being made on that front. Top men are working on it. Top. Men.



  1. Oddly enough, I think I like the bulkhead door paintjob the best. Though the other guys look great too. But the bulkhead paintjob I might steal for my own. Apart from that Esher tag, that will be replaced by something suitably rude about Goliath.

    Great job!