Sunday, June 10, 2018

Seaguard and Swordmasters, Oh My!

Work continues apace on my High Elf army for 6th edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle. I've continued to build momentum with project pretty easily. I owned a reasonably big High Elf army for the 4th and 5th editions of Warhammer, and revisiting the range has been a ton of fun. I'm aiming to complete a 1000 point list within the next month or so.

Over the last week, I finished up the Lothern Seaguard unit's command section.

Stalwart spearmen AND archers, the Seaguard is really versatile unit. 

I always find that when approaching any kind of project army lists help me to plan purchases, maintain focus and dole out little "rewards" to myself in form of characters and war machines. Here is the list that I'm working off of for this project:

Hero - Mage upgrade to Level 2 - 130pts

Core Units
Archers - 10 w/command - 160pts - DONE
Lothern Sea Guard - 12 w/shields and command - 179pts - DONE

Special Units
Ellyrian Reavers  - 5 w/ bows and command - 155pts
Swordmasters - 15 w/command - 225pts - IN PROGRESS

Rare Units
Bolt Thrower - 100pts

Total - 949 w/51 points for magic items and such

I've only got about 13 models to finish up the whole first leg. Later I'll add more units to bring it up to a 2000 point army at some point.

The Swordmasters of Hoeth have been a real pleasure to work on. I've loved their design for a long time and the latest (last?) incarnations of them are just as great. I still need to finish the command group, but that should be easy enough to do over the course of the next week.

Big hair and big swords - I'm looking forward to these guys smashing some face.

One of the things I'm doing with these guys is magnetizing their bases. The movement trays are going to be cut from sheet metal, so I keep a nice low profile for the bases.

I found a sheet of magnetic material with an adhesive backing. It was
just a matter of cutting it up into 20mm x 20mm squares.
Once attached,  it just takes  sharp blade to trim up everything
nice and neat!

I've got to assemble the Ellyrian Reavers once I finish up the Swordmaster command. Before tackling the cavalry unit, I'll probably take some time on the Mage as a break. With any luck, I'll be done with this force and playing some games by the end of the month!


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