Saturday, September 9, 2017

Objection! That's Horus Hearsay!

After a short hiatus, I've continued working on some marines in MKIII armor from the Burning of Prospero set. I stalled a little when I discovered that special and heavy weapons aren't an option for Tactical squads during the Heresy Era, so I went back and painted a vexilla and regular bolt-gunner for the first 10 man squad.  I was a little put out when I discovered the lack of options for the Tactical squads initially, but I've overcome my ignorance with a little extra effort and a big dose of "Who cares? Its just toy soldiers."

Squad 1 complete! And a second squad begun.
The start of squad 2!
I have also decided to add some allies to my Heresy Era Imperial Fists - a small retinue of the Emperor's bodyguards, the Adeptus Custodes. This might not be 100% kosher, but I really don't care at this point because these are cool models and fit the time period. The Custodes also come in the Burning of Prospero set, and I have really enjoyed painting them up. The level of detail highlights really well and I don't feel like I'm copping out by just doing an all metallic paint scheme.

For the Emperor!
I plan on using the Custodes as a sort of treat to paint every few marines that I get done. Its getting hard to maintain steam on the MK III armor sets - so much trim and rivets! Ugh. Trying to keep my eyes on the prize - less than 10 to go!



  1. Love the flesh tones on the Custodes - his face has real warmth.

  2. Thanks Steven! I did a couple of light glazes of red and purple over the middle of the head - nose, eyes, cheeks, ears - that helps liven things up a bit.

  3. The 'rule of cool' should always win out even if it is not 100% kosher.