Sunday, May 13, 2018

Kharadron Overlords Update

The army thus far. The deep irony is that all this painting wouldn't even be a dent in a Warhammer Fantasy Battle army
of previous editions. I love the new manageable sizes for armies in Age of Sigmar.

I got another unit added to my Kharadron Overlords this week - a five man team of Grundstok Thunderers armed with Aethershot Rifles. I managed to paint one guy a night this week and the unit was ready to go before I knew it. These cats usually have all kinds of crazy gun options, but I decided to build them all with the stock (GET IT?!) rifles so that I could lay down a consistent amount of fire at a known range. I have yet to play a game with them, so we'll see if that was a really dumb decision sooner or later.

I undercoated these guys with a Leadbelcher colored spray and they were a snap to crank out quickly!

Next on deck (GET IT?! GET IT?!?!) is, FINALLY, one of the Overlord sky vessels! I feel like these models are the major reason to even collect this army, so I'm really chomping at the bit to get to work on this model. I've opted for a Frigate, which is a medium ship class, and have just completed the build.

I've kept it in a bunch of sub-assemblies so I can really get to things easily when I  start applying paint. It was a super nice kit to build and when I was done, I actually looked forward to building another!

Once the Frigate is complete, I'll have roughly a 1,000 pt army. This should allow me to get some games in and figure out what I want to add and what really shines in battle for these dude-kids. Anticipation is high. Wish me luck!


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