Sunday, February 10, 2019

Foul Blightspawn and Noble Elves!

Last week I posted a work in progress shot on a Foul Blightspawn for my Death Guard army and I managed to sort out a base for him up shortly thereafter. Here he is in all his feculent glory:

Feculus Spew is ready to spread death and decay.


The weather here in Seattle has turned pretty cold, so its not optimal priming/spraying weather. Instead, I turned to models I already had primed before the weather turned; so that means more High Elves. The army is getting pretty sizable now. I've only got to complete four cavalry models and I should have enough to play a reasonably sized game now. 

Finally finished up a command group for these spearmen. 
Then I cranked out five more Lothern Seaguard to bring that unit to a full twenty troops.
Then I added five more bowmen and a champion to bring that unit to fifteen guys. This photo is super weird. The angle
I took it at makes the bowmen appear to be shrinking. Its like if MC Escher painted Warhammer.
Finally, I did an additional five guys for the other bow unit as well as finishing a wizard who is pretty fuckin' metal.

With the cold weather, I've also spent a bunch of time assembling models. I've got some more Death Guard stuff on the way as well as a Knight Castellan. Oh, and more Imperial Fists. Of course. 


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  1. Those elves look amazing! As soon as you play the next game, I'd love to see a group photo.